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  1. Re: Top 10 SEC offensive and defensive recruits

    well i love looking at those delicious looking men out there patting each other on the butt......:tongue:
  2. Re: Nominate a Alabama player who deserves the Game ball

    I'd give the special teams nod to Mazza. Always solid on his snaps and got 3 if not 4 tackles as well. Had a great game.

    Another nod to Cam Robinson for playing very well on a high ankle sprain...
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    Re: Good morning from Reuben Foster

    Rumor has it he hit LF so hard it knocked the Awbarn tattoo off his arm and planted it on LF's arm
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    Re: Fournette doing Heisman pose already

    It's probably pretty hard to not believe in the hype that everyone around you is saying. Dumb move but he wasn't the first to do that. I remember when Kellen Winslow II did that and everyone...
  5. Link: Re: Rolando McClain Retires Again (Page 4 Update: Unretiring... Again?)

    I think he's on the 2nd team defense so if he is running the D, it won't be all the time
  6. Re: *** DE/Jack Da'Shawn Hand Commits to Alabama ***

    Great to see a big time DL recruit commit to UA. Love the attitude his displays and the head on his shoulders.
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    Re: DT Matt Elam Updates

    I would love to see him wearing crimson next year b/c the kid is a monster of a talent but I respect the knowledge that you have in the situation. Hope you are wrong but wouldn't be surprised if he...
  8. Re: Cb: Roberts is committing to

    I would hope UA goes hard for Tabor even if Roberts doesn't decomitt. You never know what could happen in recruiting and Tabor is a great talent
  9. Re: This Day In Alabama History (September 16) - Many Things

    Some race I'm sure, I'll say Talledega
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    Re: The Sunseri Interception

    That dive into the end zone is hilarious. We're so use to the Reggie Bush type dives for TDs with the fast front flip and then VS gives us the slow motion fish out of water jump. Greatness
  11. Re: This Day In Alabama History (September 16) - Many Things

    Man, I have to look in the bottom right corner of my monitor just to know what day it is
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    Re: Raising my glass to ALABAMA

    Very classy. Great game and great environment
  13. Re: ***#1 Prospect OT Cameron Robinson commits to ....

    Great day. Bigger recruit for UA at LT: Andre Smith, Cyrus Kouandijo or Cameron Robinson?
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    Re: The Alabama Defense

    I thought Dalvin Tomlinson looked great in his role as well. Very happy with the DL this game
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    Re: Rcruiting Prospects Updated

    Wonder if Kentucky losing to Western Kentucky helps UA with Matt Elam any?
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