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  1. Re: Calvin Ridley's one handed catch at the Opening

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    Re: Thug U (Miami) dismisses 2 players

    Guess they wish they had chosen FSU.
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    Re: Derrick Henry Sugar Bowl Highlights

    Thanks for the fix. That's a refreshing break from the doldrums of American news and the lack of meaningful sports in summer.
  4. Re: Will the UN help Detroit residents pay their water bill?

    If the government is going to relocate them, Detroit is the place to be.
    Send them there and they will want to go back home and it will discourage others from coming illegally. I'm sure the Obama...
  5. Re: Gov. Perry thinks Obama involved in Conspiracy to smuggle kids across border

    I concur, on both points.
  6. Re: Haaaaaaaaaaaappy Fourth to All My American Fellow Tide Fans!!!

    Happy Fourth to all. Hope you day is full of fun and fireworks!
  7. Re: Don't speak ill of soccer or the soccer moms will pounce!!! LOL!

    This is an interesting read on America's sports vs soccer.
  8. Re: Thoughts from our liberal brethren on the recent events regarding Obamacare.

    I read a tongue in cheek post last night: "If we start putting The Constitution in our emails will the government read it?" If politicians would read and understand Tidewater's statement, "Silence...
  9. Re: Thoughts from our liberal brethren on the recent events regarding Obamacare.

    This in no way prohibits a woman's right to or ability to obtain birth control of any kind. She is free to go to the drug store and purchase any over the counter item she may want or obtain a...
  10. Re: Ex-Auburn TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen Died in Car Crash

    Horrible news. Prayers for the families and friends.
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    Re: Prayer for my father in law

    May God's love heal him, body and soul.
  12. Re: Interesting read re: minimum wage, the middle class and trick-down economics

    "The pitchforks" will not be coming for anyone until all the entitlements run out and the banks close. Then they should be directed towards the central bankers and politicians, not businessmen or...
  13. Re: Thanks for your prayers. Son Bill accepted to doctoral (psychology)program at Me

    Congratulations proud parent! May his success continue.
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    Re: National Champion Vanderbilt Commodores

    Congratulations! That was an exciting game. So glad to see the success you guy are enjoying in BB. Roll Tide!
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    Re: 2014 Men's NCAA College World Series

    Congratulations Vandy!
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