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    Re: 10RC dealing with key injuries

    I'm not sure they are done losing sec games this year with all that attrition
  2. Re: Jalen Hurts - Legit Heisman candidate?

    If we make it to the playoffs he'll be in New York. They'll move mountains to give it to a senior or at least not a freshman but it's possible
  3. Re: UT D-Coordinator Bob Shoop Still Salty About Saturday

    if that was opening up the playbook, we have a ridiculously small playbook
  4. Re: Oklahoma State was retroactively named 1945 National Champions.

    Bama was undefeated and won the Rose Bowl....and STILL doesnt claim that title despite our reputation of claiming all the titles. Thats Armys and we should probably just leave it that way.
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    Re: Good, bad, ugly--hogs edition

    Good the ground game

    Bad 3rd down defense, not all of that's on the secondary

    Ugly refs

    Fugly Bret bielema is a waddling bag of garbage from A Golden Corral.
  6. Re: College Football News picks Arkansas to win.

    bama getting upset will be the hot take for the next three games. to be fair, its not improbable in any game during this stretch.
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    Re: Defensive Line Recruiting

    thats what i meant but my iphone had a stroke.

    im not even gonna correct that post, as a monument to autocorrect.
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    Re: Defensive Line Recruiting

    Are an line backers were looking st or have commuted potential de's?
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    News Article: Re: Blake Barnett Transferring

    I get the move but not midsession can't say I wish him the best when he's quitting on the team
  10. Re: Thoughts on CNS contacting Les Miles and bringing him in as another consultant?

    He won a nc in 2007. Lost a second title game to bama
  11. Re: Thoughts on CNS contacting Les Miles and bringing him in as another consultant?

    Miles probably takes the year off to prepare for taking the notre dame gig
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    Re: Any word on Damien Harris' injury?

    Not sure is harris's tweet is good or bad news
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    Re: *** 2017 DL Aaron Sterlng (Stone Mountain, GA) Commits to Alabama ***

    that one sounds fairly mutual. best of luck to him.
  14. Re: Nothing against Harris, but I miss Henry.

    Perfectly understandable to miss Henry but Harris is getting almost 20 yards a carry right now.... I miss the running game we used Henry was here however. And will be happy if our jet sweeps and...
  15. Re: Anyone else think Jalen Hurts is similar to Clemson's Deshawn Watson?

    Big gap between the two in accuracy. Hurts will develop that but right now Watson is (mostly due to experience) a lot better qb.
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