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  1. Re: It looks like old Suge Knight has killed again

    Given his reputation, I am surprised Suge Knight hasn't been murdered yet.
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    Re: Michigan assistant insults recruit

    What happen, did the recruiter run out of "yo mama" jokes? Geez....I hope UM fires this moron.
  3. Re: Former Alabama Punter Cody Mandell Signs with Green Bay packers


    Not cool Cody, not cool. But congratulations, nonetheless.
  4. Re: Do we have a new DB coach yet?

    Of course Bama gets Mel Tucker. I realize the Bears didn't have the greatest talent in the secondary, though Fuller is really going to be a good one, provided he stay healthy, but considering the two...
  5. Re: Tosh Lupoi elevated to Outside LBs coach

    I will throw an offline hissy fit that might involve breaking things if Mel Tucker is anywhere near Tuscaloosa. I was glad he was gone from the Bears please don't make me have to keep quiet about him...
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    Re: RIP Ernie Banks

    As a Cub fan this greatly saddens me. There was only one other player who loved baseball and specifically Cubs baseball (ie took joy and pride of being a Cub) and that was good ole #10 Ron Santo. It...
  7. Re: A look back at the barn's (misguided) moment of joy


    Oh man, I remember that. Man how wrong was he on EVERYTHING he said.
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    Re: Lane Kiffin a candidate for 49ers OC job

    Nothing officially but there is quite of bit of noise about Gase becoming the Bears next OC.
  9. Re: Eddie and Ha Ha Have Already Made an Impact in Today's Game

    I do no like the Seahawks but watching the Packers choke away that game was simply GLORIOUS. This game just made my year as a Bears fan. I know that is a sad state of the Bears, I don't care, I am...
  10. Re: Alabama players react live to Ohio State-Oregon in CFP championship

    dynasty talk has began with OSU. I was uncomfortable when that talk happen after 2009, so I would like to see OSU burgeoning "dynasty" talk end as quickly as it began.
  11. Re: LSU has been in Contact with Alabama DC Kirby Smart, Bears DC Mel Tucker About Jo

    What defense? All I saw was 11 guys on the field with the other team had the football. Regardless, Tucker isn't getting a third year, not with a new HC coming in.
  12. Re: LSU has been in Contact with Alabama DC Kirby Smart, Bears DC Mel Tucker About Jo

    For the love of Papa Bear Halas, please LSU sign Mel Tucker.
  13. Re: *** RB Damien Harris Commits to Alabama ***

    Give us all the recruits.

    Welcome, Mr. Harris.
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    Re: What music are you diggin'?

    Black Betty has come back into vogue for yours' truly. Love both Ram Jam's and Spiderbait's version of the song.
  15. Re: ISIS executioner's body found beheaded.

    Rick Grimes would have put a bullet in the guys head so that he doesn't turn.

    Beheadings is bad for your health. I recommend against having your head cut off.

    Nonetheless, I can't seem to find...
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