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  1. News Article: Re: Bentley Admin halts major road project

    359 is having to be repaved after being repaved about a year ago. Terrible quality work. If you want to test out your suspension, cruise down 359.
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    Re: House stolen off it's foundation

    300 miles south of Portland! Surely there was a closer city to use as a reference.
  3. Re: Activists in Chi-town want reparations for police brutality on the ballot

    Problem is, they like to run away from their policies because cost of living gets too high and jobs stagnate, so they move down here, then vote for the same policies again.
  4. Re: Jeremiah Wright's daughter sent to prison for embezzlement

    Looks like the chickens have come home to roost.
  5. Re: Remember When Karen Walker Used To Say She Had A Killer Rack?

    Yeah that is just bad firearms procedure right there. There is no safety like not having a round in the chamber.

    I think concealed carry is a good thing, but some people get overzealous about it.
  6. Re: Remember When Karen Walker Used To Say She Had A Killer Rack?

  7. Re: Ron Paul Sees "De Facto" Secession Happening

    Funny, I have heard that is actually the Spanish word for it.
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    Re: Stupid Scammers

    I've had the same problem the last few weeks. I guess since pretty much everyone relies entirely on cell phones now, the scamming business on landlines has really gone downhill.

    Heh. Literally...
  9. Re: Sesquicentennial: Sherman occupies Columbia, South Carolina

    I stand corrected. You are right, Gervais. Didn't know it was the mint though.
  10. Re: SC Republican State Senator - Women "are a lesser cut of meat" than men

    Pretty lame. When Nikki Haley was running for governor the good ole boys club was busy spreading all kinds of slander about her sleeping with staffers and other representatives in order to get...
  11. Re: Sesquicentennial: Sherman occupies Columbia, South Carolina

    In school they used to take us to the State House and show us where the Yankee cannon balls struck it. They are marked with gold stars.
  12. Link: Re: Mobile Fire-Rescue Captain Loses Job While Making the Love at the Firehouse

    Did he go for the ole "Hook and Ladder"? Or maybe change it up with the "New York Steamer"? This news clip isn't telling us the whole story.
  13. Re: Women's College Clarifies Admissions Policy - Sort Of

    Not really. A buddy of mine went the nursing route. He was one of 3 guys in a class of 98.
  14. Re: Waterbury, CT school district to honor to Muslim holidays

    I mean it makes sense if you have a significant Jewish population in the school district, or in this case Muslim population. The article doesn't say one way or the other, although if there was a...
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    Re: Spider Man is coming home

    I really don't get all the hate for the prequels. Sure, they could have been better with a less whiney Anakin, but Lucas really seems to love that in his lead for some reason. I think it is arguable...
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