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    Re: Sweet Home... Tennessee?

    Unintended and excellent consequence: This will likely inspire some enterprising Alabama fans to find a public area near by in which they can blare Sweet Home Alabama on a loop during UT practices.
  2. Link: Re: The Travels of Luke Del Rio: Now Reportedly Heading to Gainesville

    If I'm Coach Mac, I take a look at my roster and realize I'm not excited about any of the QB prospects I have now. Can't hurt to bring Del Rio in, especially if he's not going to take up a...
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    Eddie Lacy is an Avenger

    Eddie Lacy in some of the commercials for the new Avengers movie.

  4. Link: Re: Top-10 NFL Draft Picks on Alabama's Current Roster

    I'd go so far as to say both Robinson's. Henry would be the only other one and that's an outside chance, given his position.
  5. Re: Bud Light's New Slogan Isn't the Smartest

    Isn't that Jameis Winston's slogan? Removing "no" from the vocabulary for the night?
  6. Re: The everlasting powerful / memorable / funny movie quote thread...

    I love Wooderson.
  7. Re: Diary of a Draftee's Mom: April Justin on Her Baby, Landon Collins

    Wow. This lady is 100% self-absorbed.

    Would not be surprised if she sued Landon after signing his first contract because she felt she was owed a cut.
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    Re: Luther, Obama's Anger Translator

    I love Key and Peele. I got a real kick out of this. Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Man in Florida Kisses Cottonmouth

    Most accurate reporting I've seen in a while: " 18-year-old idiot from Wimauma..."
  10. Link: Re: Interesting take on Bama QBs from SDS...

    I think we are much more likely to see Cornwell before we see Barnett this year. I think he has a very bright future, but he still has lots of room to grow before he is ready (physically and...
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    Question: Re: Kiffin's final year with the Tide?

    He's rehabbed his image and assuming the offense is prolific again this year, he will have reminded folks that he's a bright offensive mind. He may not get a Power 5 gig right out of the gate, but...
  12. Re: University of Oregon: Grievance filed for misidentifying gender

    What is a gender-inclusive bathroom?
  13. Re: Tyren Jones Charged with Marijuana Possession

    Good grief
  14. News Article: Re: "Palcohol" powdered alcohol wins federal approval

    Know that if the Like button were activated, I would have clicked it for this. :Smiliz_Kingz_PDT_02
  15. Re: Not Surprising News: Colts Waive Trent Richardson

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