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    Re: The College HUNH QB and the NFL

    there are NFL teams that run a hurry up offense and will continue to do so. just not the read option that we see in college. that doesnt work in the NFL due to the size, speed, and technique of NFL...
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    Re: Tide in the NFL: Week 15

    nevermind. missed that you included the Stinson info.. thx..
  3. Re: Auburn's Coats declares for NFL draft.

    if the Falcons spend their first pick on a WR i'd probably find a new team lol
  4. Re: Julio Jones and Amari Cooper are both leaders in receiving yardage!!

    knowing how the falcons front office thinks, that would not surprise me one bit..
  5. Re: AJ McCarron becomes eligible to play for Cincinnati Bengals

    he will compete for the backup spot next year IMO.,. very unlikely to see him this year unless both Dalton and Campbell go down.
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    Re: Bowl Schedule

    those are some of the best matchups in years IMO.. cant wait
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    Game Thread Re: Alabama vs. Xavier

    i think i make the same comment every year. but we win a couple cupcake games and some fans think we are ready to be a good team. then when we play a team with a pulse and lose a complete 360 in...
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    Re: Jerry Palm's playoff projections bracket

    folks, fsu is not going to miss the cut. the only question remaining is who is the 4th team
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    Re: Our Pass D Will Need to Improve...

    op you are correct. our passing defense hasnt been on par with the rest of our defense all year. i've seen it since the west virginia game. good thing for us is, unlike the nfl you can still win with...
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    Re: Thoughts on Sims after 12 games

    if we win out and he continues to impress, he's the best QB i've seen at Bama since i've been following the Tide as far as i'm concerned.. which goes back to the jeff dunn days. i know i'm in the...
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    Re: Mizzou No Push Over

    my only concern is containing the scrambles and their tempo. if we can prevent big gains, we will do fine.
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    Re: Julio Jones' current stat line today

    lol.. yeh, they got smoked today. i though Hunter would be better at this point. and the running game is atrocious. maybe u guys can get Amari
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    Re: I'd Vote Amari For Heisman

    Cooper is a lock for an invite. I'd be surprised if he didnt finish at least 3rd behind Mariota and Gordon. possibly higher depending on championship Fri/Sat
  14. Re: Trent's slow start is starting to get noticed. I hope he settles in and get its g

    i dont even know if that would help. plenty of bulky muscular backs in the NFL but they are way more fluid and less stiff than trent. When i watch him play he just looks so stiff. Like he's playing...
  15. Re: Trent's slow start is starting to get noticed. I hope he settles in and get its g

    i dont see it happening. Boom Herron was on the practice squad a few weeks ago and has outplayed Trent by a wide margin. Trent had 8 carries for 12 yards today. herron had 8 for 88
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