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    Poll: Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball

    I think it is possible that we will have CAG for another 2 yrs possibly if for nothing more than to save money on his buyout. If he keeps it at this level while stagnant it not like he is wrecking...
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    Re: Just got championship tickets!

    Nose bleeds
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    Poll: Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball

    Why does CAG send his assistants to stand in for him on Hey Coach appearances? This has always bothered me. Even CNS sees the value of these appearances before the fans as a way to connect and get...
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    Re: John Chavis gets Paid

    CKS has his priorities straight imo. He is still relatively young. He has young kids who have been able to plant roots in a school and develop a true sense of home and he is among the best paid at...
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    Re: Auburn player Jakell Mitchell killed

    My heart goes out mitchell's family. Simply tragic from all accounta. But I will say this there is a culture surrounding the Auburn football team that needs to be dealt with. 3 dead football...
  6. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update: supposedly has accepted)

    Considering this is either the 2 or 3 stop at Auburn for muschamp I don't think we can really consider him a disciple at all. He just doesn't seem to appreciate his time working under Saban as many...
  7. Re: Oregon State hires Gary Anderson from Wisconsin

    Its looking more like that 59-0 beatdown by OSU was a dirty Santa gift from Anderson to Alvarez...
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    Re: Michigan reaches out to LSU's Les Miles

    Major rebuilding job up there. He will have to learn to recruit a quarterback if he is going to be successful. I doubt chavis goes with him up there. Look for him to land another SEC DC job...
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    Re: The REAL winners in all of this.

    BYU is the only team they could add quickly. Not sure they would even come. Other than that the teams they could poach would some mountain west or CUSA teams. Their options are very limited and...
  10. JessN: Re: SECCG wrap-up: Tigers canít play spoiler to Bamaís storybook run

    What does a guy have to do to win the Ray Guy award? He has been the best punter on the biggest stage
  11. Link: Re: UPDATE: Coach McElwain IS the coach at Florida...

    No I think the more likely scenario is that his assistants likely had some buyouts too. If factor in the buyout for muschamp and his assistants plus the 5 mil up front CJM's buyout it's costing UF...
  12. Link: Re: UPDATE: coach mcelwain IS the coach at Florida

    As much as I like him, I guess we will have to start beating him out of a job too... :)
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    Re: Nebraska hires Mike Riley from Oregon State

    Yeah, dont forget we hired Stallings who a career losing record as a head coach. I liked how that turned out... Something tells me CMR will be able to get Nebraska with a lot more composure than...
  14. Re: Appears Bill Battle Does Not Want Anymore "Dixieland Delight"

    I still wonder if this is real or not. When you don't have anymore home games until next fall, why stir this pot now?
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    Re: Thoughts on Sims after 12 games

    I dont know if there is an award for it but he should win any Breakout or Cinderella award hands down this season. Given what he looked like in the spring, its like someone snatched his body. I...
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