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  1. Re: What is the chance the SEC might deregulate the SEC CG

    I always thought the Big 12 CG was doomed from the start. Texas and Oklahoma in the same division? What were they thinking? I could see the South winning every game, every year ..... and that is...
  2. Link: Re: Nick Saban at #5 on Coaches Hot Seat list

    Also my first thought when I read the title!
  3. Re: Thanks to Coach Saban, his staff and the players...especially the Seniors...

    Alabama football has exceeded my expectations under Coach Saban. Roll Tide!
  4. Question: Re: Did you have a certain feeling we were going to lose the Auburn game?

    No. I thought our Offense would want the game as much as Auburn's D would want it.
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    The Shell Game

    Sounds a lot like backyard pickup football to me.

    The unit behaved as if Malzahn had yanked down the arm of a slot machine, with his players sent into spinning motion with the snap, a blur that...
  6. Re: Two Oregon players not interested in regular Rose Bowl...

    When I hear players talking about being "dis-respected" because they are getting exactly what they have earned (in Oregon's case it was the Rose Bowl) instead of what they think they have earned...
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    Re: New BCS Rankings out

    Well, who has the last laugh now? After Georgia and Florida lost early "they" were proclaiming the end of the SEC reign. Haha. Look who has THREE teams in the top five! AND after all the talk...
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    Re: UF has to fire Muschamp now right?

    Yes, he is toast!
  9. Re: Gus Malzahn needs a nickname...any suggestions?

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    Re: Bama vs Barn Point Spread Question

    I have been told that there are ways the "bookies" look at the game, much like JessN compares QB's, the OL's and such ~ and figure the winner off that, then they figure the public thinking into...
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    Re: Bama vs Barn Point Spread Question

    Since 1960 the team with the best record (going in) has won 78% (40-11) of the time. On two occasions both went in with a 9-1 record and split 1-1. When there has been a big difference in the...
  12. Re: Mark Richt Admits Staff Never Told Players To Knock Ball Into Ground

    Yeah, it would be like reminding them not to line up off-side. Some basics you should have down pat. However, it would not be remiss to remind them, like on a fourth and one, to not be drawn off.
  13. Re: On This Day In Alabama History (2011)....We Rose From The Dead (Thanks Iowa St)

    I remember thinking "impossible, no way Iowa State can beat the unstoppable scoring machine." But they did hang on and I was on cloud nine.
  14. Link: Re: Coach Mac has Colorado State bowl eligible with a 66-42 win tonight over New Mexi

    Congrats and may he become the CSU all time winning HC.
  15. Re: Muschamp makes Top 10 Coaches (On Hotseat)

    Yet another reason to can Brown. He can't coach or hand-pick his replacement.
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