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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 26, 2015

    Well, maybe I am being too kind to CUM, but I understand his desire to best Coach Saban. I think Coach Saban has the same desire to best him. Both are the best active coaches in the business. I...
  2. Link: Re: Richard Sherman/Michael Bennett call out NCAA "scam".

    Well that sure will open up a can of worms. Tell me Mr's Bennet and Sherman, if you had it so bad, why didn't you just quit football and go as one of those regular students who have it made?

  3. Big Ten Needs to Fight Back Against Recruiting Rules That Favor SEC

    The backroom of college football is a game of king of the hill. The big winners get all the titles, but also all the money, the top recruits, the exposure and even control of the rules. That's why...
  4. Re: SECís best and worst cities for SEC football fans in 2015

    Maybe I should have put my quote in blue font. :smile:

    Some of those make me scratch my head. Facebook likes? I am trying to figure out what liking (or disliking) something or someone on...
  5. Lane Kiffin's Return Is a Huge Boost for Alabama QB Jake Coker

    Coker should be breathing a sigh of relief, after Alabama announced over the weekend that offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin will return for a second year in Tuscaloosa. Kiffin, now entering his...
  6. Welcome to the silly season of college football recruiting rankings

    We interrupt the fawning over where teenagers decide to attend college for my annual crash course on the silly season known as recruiting rankings.

    Recruiting rankings matter, you see ... until...
  7. Re: SECís best and worst cities for SEC football fans in 2015

    I am not that familiar with the metric system but I will take the number one ranking. :biggrin:
  8. Re: Army-Navy date could be problematic

    1. Notre Dame gets "special" privileges concerning the Playoff and New Year's Day bowl.

    2. ACC just decried that they will pretend BYU is a Power Five opponent to increase their Power 5...
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    Re: BYU ups their schedule

    Just last May, it was reported that the ACC would not consider BYU an option for its membership to satisfy the mandatory scheduling of at least one Power Five opponent per season.

    Eight months...
  10. Army-Navy date could be problematic

    The College Football Playoff's management committee will discuss Navy's eligibility for this season's New Year's Six bowls because of the academy's new conference affiliation and the timing of its...
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    Re: Wake, NC agree to OOC series.

    It only makes sense to me if the teams are rivals. Both Wake and NC are in-state schools, so I guess that could be it.
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    Wake, NC agree to OOC series.

    This is the first time two Power 5 teams from the same league have agreed to face each other in nonconference play. The games will not count in the league standings.
  13. Re: What has happened to Texas and Oklahoma?

    Yeah, like Ga Tech and Navy with the wishbone they over-achieve. But I was expecting a bump after both finished the way they did, especially TCU who won their bowl game. I guess the type of players...
  14. Re: Alabama Football History: Wallace Wade

    I have read about those years several times. The long train rides across the country. People coming to the whistle stops to wave to them as they passed through. No TV, few radios back in the...
  15. What has happened to Texas and Oklahoma?

    Any idea what has happened to Texas and Oklahoma? They are mired in 14th and 15th on 24/7 rankings and don't have many spaces left. I remember when Texas was always in the top five. Each Power 5...
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