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    Re: Marcel Dareus--Clearly Not A Bust

    He absolutely deserves it. Guys his size that can move and hold the point of contact like him are priceless. He can run nose on passing downs, rush the interior in a 4-3 and is also able to stop the...
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    Re: A-11 offense WHAT THE HECK ????

    There's a lot of awesome in this thread.

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    Re: CFN: Iís a mad, mad, mad, mad SEC West

    The meat of the SEC West is around the corner and this whole mess could be cleared up by the time selections occur. But I just can't see how any one loss team out of this group could possibly get...
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    Game Thread Re: USA vs Belgium - Altidore Cleared!
  5. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    Hopefully this won't hijack the thread, but one rule that I have felt American Football could borrow from rugby is the "wrap up" rule. Not sure if that is it's official name, but it dictates that no...
  6. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    I consider 330 lbs to be huge...which is probably why he was such a successful football player.
  7. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    Having played rugby for 13 years I can say that, without a doubt, football is a much more brutal sport. The numerous stops of play in football allow for bigger, faster, and stronger players to be...
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    Re: hi everyone

    As a Jeff Cameron and Brek Shea fan let me say hello and welcome aboard.
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    Blog: Re: The one Auburn stole from Bama

    Well said.
  10. Re: Is McCarron's agent tanking his pre-draft on purpose?

    I doubt his agent is "tanking" for a better team. Those guys get paid off of commission and generally the higher a player is drafted the more they get paid.
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    Re: Marcel Dareus Named to Pro Bowl

    He was one of my favorite players when he was on campus. Just an absolute physical monster with the demeanor of teddy bear. The Texas td and the one v one with Cam in the iron bowl are way up on my...
  12. Question: Re: With Sunseri leaving, do the powers that be think it will help flip some recruits
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    Re: Bama vs Barn Point Spread Question

    I feel like I saw it at Bama -17 before last weeks game. I thought it was Sheridan but I could be mistaken.
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    Re: What type of football does Alabama use?

    Wilson 1001 or 1005 for a handful of teams. Nike 3005 for almost all the rest. Spaulding J5V for 1 really crappy team. eBay has a handful of the Nike ones with team logos on them.
  15. Game Thread Re: Are you going to be watching the OR/WA game?

    I will be. It might actually be a pretty good game.
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