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  1. Re: Wallace Gilberry caught doing random act of kindness

    We have been blessed with former players who give back. I saw someone post on Twitter that Mark Ingram donated 100 tickets to the West Alabama Boys & Girls Club for this past weekends game with...
  2. Re: Reggie Ragland named Senior Class Award Finalist

    TTT keep voting! RTR
  3. Re: Week Twelve Game Week Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    Classic presser from CSN. I could tell it was coming. Another message sent to his players via the media
  4. Re: Reggie Ragland named Senior Class Award Finalist

    TTT...Reggie is way ahead so lets keep it up! RTR
  5. Reggie Ragland named Senior Class Award Finalist

    You can vote once a day!
    Vote for Reggie here
  6. Re: Week 12 (UA-CHarleston Southern) SEC Game Times Announced

    I'll be there as well!
  7. Re: Week 12 (UA-CHarleston Southern) SEC Game Times Announced

    Can't take this team lightly they are 8-1 and ranked #11 in the FCS!
  8. Re: Duke gets screwed over by the referees on the final play of the game

    Officiating crew, replay official & communicator suspended indefinitely! I can think of a few SEC crews that deserve this!
  9. Re: Adrian Hubbard Unloads on Lance Thompson on Twitter

    Yes I read those earlier ones and has a little more info on some things...Thompson is really a scumbag
  10. Re: Only two holding calls on Alabama's opponents all year.

    I went through the play by plays of all games on There was one more holding penalty called. It was in the Arky game during the second qtr. Bama declined penalty as it was an incomplete...
  11. Re: Vol Nation is not happy about AJ McCarron's post game twitter

    Boo Hoo! RTR
  12. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Hogs - 2nd Half - with WARNING!!!

    Hope the Oline plays better!
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    Re: Barrett Jones cut by Rams

    Signed to Bears practice squad today
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    Link: Re: Trent's gone per Scout

    On a happier note Barrett Jones was signed to the Bears practice squad today
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    Re: Georgia Personal Fouls

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