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  1. Re: 2016 OT Greg Little Updates (De-Commits from Texas A&M)

    When you look at the wear and tear of starting in the SEC it amazes me more recruits and their parents aren't focused on quality starts vs total number. Yes you can start at Vandy from day one but...
  2. Link: Re: Ryan Kelly on Carl Lawson: 'Honestly don't know who that is'

    Auburn this year has been full of talk, smoke, mirrors and gimmicks. But when tasked with backing any of it up on the field they have been below average. I'd say their best game was probably...
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    Re: Danielson's Tony Brown story

    This discussion has drifted a bit but I think that massive hit Brown laid on the LSU returner confirms to me what I've been thinking all along, that Brown needs to quit track and concentrate on...
  4. Re: Analysis of First Playoff Poll

    I believe the beginning of the committee releases are "play time" for them. They can send a message like "quit ducking good competition" by rewarding an Alabama for facing the best. But once the...
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    Re: Man, Coker's a BIG dude!

    As starting QB's go he is the tallest that I can remember. I'm not sure how tall some of the old timers were. I think the snake and jo willie were more in the 6' 4" range or something. David...
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    Re: Question re OL

    I've been doing a statistical analysis of past championship seasons and Coker Henry and Ridley are right with or even in some cases ahead of where big stars were at this point in those seasons, but...
  7. Re: Newcomers That Have Played Thus Far in the Season

    I'm assuming we will see more of Daylon Charlot after the break. The last two games we practically played just two with Mullaney limping around here and there. Surely they didn't burn a year for...
  8. Re: Bye Week Topic: Looking at Running Back Next Year

    It's a good question. We lost three really good recruits in Kamara, Tenpenny and Tyren Jones. There is no way to absorb that loss without being shorthanded.

    I assume DH will be gone but I...
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    Re: How Many Players Can Alabama Sign in 2016

    I hate seeing Bama so far down in the rankings but I believe this year we are going to have a higher than ususal coaching turnover which will result in a higher than usual flip flopping of kids. ...
  10. Re: Adrian Hubbard Unloads on Lance Thompson on Twitter

    Thompson was always a bit of a bag man. For all of Franklins success he hasn't really scored big in recruiting so it stands to reason he's a Barner today.
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    Re: Question re OL

    If by "gell" you mean soft then yes they are gelling.
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    Re: 2016 DL Recruiting

    Historically even outstanding defensive lineman had to reshirt at Alabama but in 2016 I see no choice but to play a minimum of two and possibly as many as four depending on injuries. Seems like kids...
  13. Re: Only two holding calls on Alabama's opponents all year.

    I normally think the refs do a good job but the last two weeks they were agregiously bad. They missed a huge pass interference call on our guy and on one of their big first down plays their lineman...
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    Re: Team Records Week After Playing Alabama

    I figured Texas A&M would lose to Ole Miss after playing us. That game last week was ultra physical and it took a lot out of both teams. Our guys just barely gutted it out. This is why I hate...
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    Game Thread Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama vs. Vols...

    I do believe UT has a team that can compete this year. They caught Forida early before they even realized they could win. Then Chubb goes out right off the bat. I'd really have liked to see how...
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