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  1. Re: Obama the gun grabber is at it again...

    That's pretty cool. A 1911 is on my list of guns "to get". Wonder how cheap they'll be?
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    Tyren Jones set to visit Auburn

    Looks like Tryen will be taking his official visit to Auburn during the Iron Bowl. Interesting.
  3. Question: Re: Anybody hearing of any barn shenanigans for this year like 2009?

    Everything the Barn does is bush league.
  4. Re: Bo Jackson's comments on the finebaum show

    I'd be careful. I don't think I'd want a 50 year old Herschel mad at me. That dude is still a beast.
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    Re: Its BARN Week!

    Good looking family, except for all that ugly orange and blue.... ;)
  6. Re: LSU to make a run at Art Briles (per my Waco/Baylor source)

    Good memory. Once I saw your post and looked him up, I realized why I missed him.
  7. Re: LSU to make a run at Art Briles (per my Waco/Baylor source)

    Shows up in Rivals DB as from Bradenton, FL (IMG) so he didn't show up when I looked by state.
  8. Re: LSU to make a run at Art Briles (per my Waco/Baylor source)

    I went back to the 2012 recruiting class (and included the upcoming 2016 class) and per Rivals, the state of Louisiana has only put out one QB rated higher than 3* since then; 4* QB Brandon Harris...
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    Re: Metallica Salute to Frank Beamer

    Pretty awesome.

    I seem to recall that one year, they had a senior on the team who could play guitar and they filmed him playing the opening to the song. The video was shown on senior night to...
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    Re: 2015-16 Coaching Carousel

    Seeing how things are shaping up, it might be a better idea for schools like those you mention to wait a year. They might actually get a better quality coach when they aren't having to compete with...
  11. Re: LSU Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    I think people tend to forget this fact. That team was unreal.
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    Re: 2015-16 Coaching Carousel

    Looks like Syracuse has fired its coach as well.
  13. Re: Houston Texans Cheerleaders FREESTYLE FRIDAYS 8-02-13!

    I see what you did there...
  14. JessN: Re: If coaching carousel turns on Miles, someone at LSU is dumb

    Great read.

    Completely agree that canning Miles would be disastrous (at this point) for LSU. If the program begins to turn a bit stale like UGA, then maybe you consider a change.
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    Question: Re: How can Coker improve down the stretch?

    Jones/Maze was pretty good too.

    Cooper and Norwood also had Christion Jones and DeAndrew White (healthy). That was a pretty good group overall.
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