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  1. Re: Ohio State coach body slams idiot who ran on the field

    Problem with going to court...

    As a retired LEO, I watched 'Can't loose cases' go down the drain.
    I watched 'Can't win cases' be won... Go figure.

    31 years of court appearances taught me...
  2. Re: Ohio State coach body slams idiot who ran on the field

    Sounds like something my Daddy told me when I was a kid...

    'Son if your gonna act dumb, you better be tough'
  3. Re: Ohio State coach body slams idiot who ran on the field

    DA ran onto the field and injected himself in the game.
    Strength coach 'Removed Him' from the field.

    If it happened on our field, I'd expect to hear a ' ROLL TIDE ' after the take down.
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    Re: Ole Miss Starting the Trash Talk Already

    Let em run their mouths. Trash Talk comes with a price.
    THEN... It's up to us to shut their mouths.
  5. Question: Re: Ball Security: Area of Concern OR Aberration?

    Area of concern

    We can't keep setting up teams to score.
    I do think the Refs waited overlong on blowing several plays dead, where our backs were held up and others worked to strip the ball. ...
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    Re: Is Henry our best back. ?

    Wear em down in the first half then pound em silly with Henry. Sounds like a pretty simple recipe for success, cause when they commit enough people to stop our running game, Blake can hurt them with...
  7. Re: Watching CBS with HD antenna in Tuscaloosa

    Several campers have had success with a 'Winegard Wingman' added to their basic batwing antenna.

    Think of it as a $25-$30 option to increase your reception range, and maybe eliminate freezing or...
  8. Re: I Was Wrong About Blake Sims

    Yep... I was wrong about Blake Sims.
    I based my misgivings on his poor performance at the A-Day Game.
    Blake spent the Summer with a Quarterback Coach, and we get the benefits...

    NOW... 4 games...
  9. Link: Re: Video: Mississippi State Center Stomps On Two Different LSU Players

    Dirty Player... One time can be called an accident, but now he has done multiple stomps.

    Potentially more damaging than 'Targeting'.
    How many players must he stomp before the NCAA, SEC or MSU...
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    Re: First time at Bryant Denny

    My advice...

    SOAK IT UP... It's a great atmosphere. I've ran into many former players on the Quad.

    A casual observation... Never knew we had so many star players with small feet...

    If you...
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    Re: How would you grade Kiffin thus far?

    I was a Kiffin hater, but I knew he was a good Offensive coach. I was kind of shocked when he came to Alabama. Coach Saban seemingly made a deal with the Devil... Now he's our guy. Doing a...
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    Re: Pick the score: Florida vs. Alabama

    Alabama wins in the 4th quarter.

    28-17 :BigA:

    Not always pretty, but we are now playing a SEC team.

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    News Article: Re: Sims has come far to win Tide QB battle

    What can you say except Blake chose the right Quarterback coach to study with. He didn't waste his time or money.

    I'm one of those guys who doubted Blake, based on a couple of poor performances...
  14. Re: Alabama Defense improved compared to last year

    A little doubt here...

    Our Defense this year has been inconsistent.
    I don't believe SM was that much better , but we allowed them to move up and down the field.
    SM didn't always score, but the...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. USM - Postgame Thread****

    Sims has pretty much earned the start, however, Coker has gotten better.
    Now I'm not as worried about our Offense as I was.
    My only concern is a small one... We need to distribute the passes to...
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