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    Question: Re: Kiffin's final year with the Tide?

    He's rehabbed his image and assuming the offense is prolific again this year, he will have reminded folks that he's a bright offensive mind. He may not get a Power 5 gig right out of the gate, but...
  2. Re: University of Oregon: Grievance filed for misidentifying gender

    What is a gender-inclusive bathroom?
  3. Re: Tyren Jones Charged with Marijuana Possession

    Good grief
  4. News Article: Re: "Palcohol" powdered alcohol wins federal approval

    Know that if the Like button were activated, I would have clicked it for this. :Smiliz_Kingz_PDT_02
  5. Re: Not Surprising News: Colts Waive Trent Richardson

  6. Re: Man injured in CA plane crash - reported to be Harrison Ford

    He's a little old to be attempting the Kessel Run.
  7. Link: Re: Wow! Governor Scott knows how to take care of his finances...

    Did they ever?
  8. Re: "Banning Ammo is a common sense step to protect the 2nd Amendment"

    It's not just that its "handgun" ammo, but that its got steel core (many other .223/5.56 variants are lead core and are not affected by the ban) and can be fired from the AR-15 platform, which...
  9. Rob Ezell hired by Alabama football staff

    Worked under McElwain at CSU and Coach Mac had some praise for him.

    It just says support staff, so I wonder if he will be the official Saban Impersonator? ;)

    Welcome home Rob!

  10. Re: "Banning Ammo is a common sense step to protect the 2nd Amendment"

    Fun fact: M855A1 (green tips) ammunition was developed to reduce lead accumulation at training ranges and to reduce lead poisoning in certain animal species (particularly those that feast on carrion...
  11. Link: Re: Car Thief Throws A Brick, Mercedes Throws It Back

    What ever that window is made of, we need to see if we can transfer that technology to cell phone screens.
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    Re: Five coaching roads to nowhere

    Hard to believe that Colorado is one of ESPNs 5 toughest. They used to run out some pretty good teams in the late 80s and into the 90s.
  13. John Chavis files lawsuit against A&M, LSU

    So is this the new trend in coaching? Between this and the Texas/Ok State situation, are we seeing a new trend where schools are using litigation to hold coaches to contract terms?

    I don't recall...
  14. Link: Re: Nico Johnson Says Blake Barnett Reminds Him of Ryan Mallett

    I certainly hope not. Mallett was too easy to rattle and complained to the refs more than most NBA players.
  15. Re: What Nick Saban has done to the SEC since 2007

    But we should probably fire him.

    - AJC Sports Writers if he loses a game
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