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  1. Re: Visitors for the Southern Miss Game Weekend

    Stealing Terry Godwin would be a huge, huge pickup. I've watched video of him and he could be very good on either side of the ball. I think he could play earlier as a slot receiver, he'd probably...
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    Re: Keith Mixon-does he get a firm offer?

    Even coming out of HS, Mark had about 4 inches and 40 lbs on Mixon.
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    Re: Keith Mixon-does he get a firm offer?

    The thing I like about him is that in addition to being fast is that he plays a lot bigger than 175 lbs. Tough runner and not afraid to go across the middle or take a lick.
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    Re: Article: Defending the Read-Option

    I agree. There was a LOT of uncharacteristic sloppy tackling by Bama in that game. I think the combination of greater emphasis on cardio and being able to sustain the defense on the field for a LONG...
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    Keith Mixon-does he get a firm offer?

    Read on another site that it's really possible that he gets a firm, committable offer soon. I know Coach Saban isn't big on the "package deal" thing but I'm wondering if that helps Bama with Daron...
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    Re: Is This Board Broken?

    You'd think there's nothing going on but there is. Not sure if people are too busy to post or what. Isaiah Prince, 4 star OT is visiting this weekend. The Bama Scout site is reporting "a player has...
  7. Leo Lewis decommitted?

    Andrew Bone showing on Twitter that Leo Lewis has decommitted. Bummer, if true. Not sure if this violates Tidefans rules but Bone is not some goober who's guessing. He usually knows what he's talking...
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    Re: Incoming Players' Numbers Released

    Reuben Foster had already switched numbers this Spring. He's either #10 or #11.
  9. Link: Re: Offseason BUZZ from the Capstone: What we are hearing

    I remember that and I remember seeing CNS's facial expression. It was kind of funny. He kind of threw his hands up in exasperation.
  10. Link: Re: Top 100 RB, Jacques Patrick Plans Capstone Visit

    I'd see video of him. Big kid, decent speed, likes contact and has pretty good hands coming out of the backfield. The kind of back CNS seems to like, one who can just pound the ball and totally...
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    Link: Re: The 2015 QB Dominoes Continue to Fall

    Not trying to be picky, but his last name is "Town", not "Towns". And no, he's not rated higher than Towns. That said, I like Blake Barnett's skill set better.
  12. Re: Who are the most likely candidates for the remaining six spots?

    If Alabama loses Charlot, I sure would like to see Bama REALLY pursue Ryan Newsome out of Texas. That kid has crazy good speed, good hands, very shifty and a fantastic punt returner on top of it. He...
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    Re: TE Jackson Harris Updates

    Heck, Georgia fans think they get EVERY player they want. I know Bama is really on a roll on the field and on the recruiting trail under CNS but I never assume any kid is coming to Bama.

  14. Link: Re: Blake Sims' Private QB Coach Helping Him Build Mental Game, Discipline

    I think Blake has the physical abilities to be a pretty good SEC QB. Good runner, decent arm strength. I don't know if he can be consistently good with the long ball but he's got plenty of arm...
  15. Will Bama sign another RB in the 2015 class?

    I don't think Kerryon Johnson was going to be a RB at Bama (looked like a better fit at safety, IMO). Just curious to who else (if anyone) Bama was still actively recruiting at RB?

    Jovon Robinson?...
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