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    Re: Leonard Nimoy has passed away

    "Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most... human"

    RIP Mr. Spock
  2. Re: Illegal man downfield rule getting some resistance from some coaches.

    Of course they are complaining, their whole offensive system is designed around moving so fast that the refs miss calls when they break the rules, like the 2013 Iron Bowl.
  3. News Article: Re: Records: LSU Slapped with Recruiting Sanctions After Prospect Backs Out of Commit

    Wait, did I read that right? So, the player signed a financial aid agreement making contact with the recruit legal but, then he de-commits and now that contact that had already happened is...
  4. Re: Auburn Football Players Accused of Harassing Veteran and Service Dog

    Then why did Gus have to apologize for their actions the day it happened?

    If only they awarded championship for sweeping things under the rug.
  5. Link: Magnet school admissions standards lowered due to civil rights complaint.

    Full story

    You know, if there really is some problem with the admissions process then I'm all for change but, I think this is another case of the government dumbing it down instead of...
  6. Link: Re: Arkansas Senator Calls For Using A “Nuclear Weapon” On ISIS

    Hey, I've been saying this for years. Drop every nuke we have on the middle east, just level every last corner of that area. Then hand the keys to Disney and let them build some theme parks.
  7. Re: UK Krispy Kreme apologizes for KKK promotion - Krispy Kreme Klub

    Glad to see the racist activists in this country are taking the fight overseas now. By golly, don't you dare offend us Americans but, we'll continue offending whoever we want because, well, we're...
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    Re: J. Winston's Impressive Physique

    So am I.
  9. Re: Miami cop shot while serving warrant, suspect charged with attempted murder

    I love how you immediately jumped to defending the only real criminal in that story.
  10. Re: Gary Patterson Wants All Conference Championship Games Eliminated

    It's February, time to stop crying Gary... I have.
  11. Link: Re: Little League strips Chicago team of title for cheating. CHEATING?! CHICAGO?!?! N

    This is what happens when ESPN creates a media circus around an event, more people will try and cheat there way into the winner's circle.
  12. Re: Wait, Gweneth Paltrow does what? And why do people listen to Celebrity Psuedosci

    LOTR series are great movies but, you will not find Gwyneth Paltrow in any of them. I think you got her confused with Cate Blanchett, who is in LOTR and is a much better actress IMO.
  13. Re: Waterbury, CT school district to honor to Muslim holidays

    Are we aloud to say "Merry Christmas" again or is it just the Muslims that we are suppose to respect these days.
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    Re: Obama wants to make the internet a utility

    I have absolutely zero faith in telcom/ISP company's ability to do anything honest and fairly. Zero.

    If nothing is done about net neutrality then everyone will be paying more money just to access...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Super Bowl Game Thread****

    Hey, they finally got rid of that tiny silver football shaped stage that they've been using for a few years. This one looks like more then three people can fit on it.
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