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    Re: Pearl lighting it up.

    He's cheated everywhere he's been, so it won't be long he will be caught cheating at the Cheating Capital of the United States. Even with success at AU, he won't be there long due to the fact that a...
  2. Re: It's almost here! Lets predict the SEC in 2014.

    South Carolina - 11-1
    Georgia - 10-2
    Florida - 8-4
    Mizzou - 7-5
    Tennessee - 6-6
    Vandy - 4-8
    Kentucky - 2-10

  3. Re: SI makes their picks for the first four team playoff....what about you?

    I think the Pac12 is wide open this year, but I think UCLA ends up winning it and whoever wins the Michigan State VS OSU game will win the Big10, so here goes nothing....

    1 Bama - Here's to us...
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    it will start at 5pm CST today with a 3 hour premeire show! as of this morning my directv wasn't channel yet and i do have the package one up from the package that has the network so if channel 611...
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    Re: ESPN college pick'em

    thanks for joining guys!
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    ESPN college pick'em

    for any of you wanting to join a pick'em group, i have one on ESPN i have set up for some of my buddies and I, but for any of my fellow Tidefans that want to play, the group info is below:

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    Re: ESPN pick em contest?

    I have a pick'em group if any of my fellow tidefans would like to join....

    group is - RammerJammerRTR
    password is - rolltide12
  8. Re: Fall Practice Begins and CNS Speaks to the Media

    saw where he is greyshirting and enrolling in January
  9. Re: Rich Rod comments on Nick Saban's opinion of HUNH offenses

    this idiot should check the last time Arizona averaged more points per game than bama.....try 2008....shut up RichRod because you are no longer relevant! Thank God this idiot didn't come to Bama!
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    rumor is directv will announce next week during pac 12 media days.....

    i have spoken to a few directv reps and they all say it's a done deal that they will carry it
  11. Re: 2014 OL Brandon Kennedy Updates (Announcing Friday at 10 a.m.)

    picks bama RTR
  12. Re: Basketball - Trevor Releford Preparing for 2014 NBA Draft

    anyone have an update on how trevor is performing?
  13. Re: Derrick Henry has created quite the buzz with his new car picture on instagram

    from the comments between him and a friend on Instagram, his parents paid for the car. Like his buddy said in one of his comments, people don't realize that he isnt paying a dime for college, so his...
  14. Re: Trevor Releford Not on the Official NBA Draft Combine List

    don't think it's a complete list maybe because i don't see Jabari Parker on the list either?
  15. Re: How do you think the SEC West does this coming season? Who comes in second?

    Bama wins the West and LSU finishes second with a 10-2 season (losses to Bama and Florida)
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