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  1. Re: Coker scramble/td pass play is amazing when watching replay:

    He might still get a chance. Tyrod Taylor is starting for the Bills, and after watching him play against us, I would have bet the farm that he never would make it in the NFL. If you have the...
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    Re: Virginia Tech Player Slaps Official

    jamais winston repeatedly trying to push the ref off the ball so he can run a hurry up play.
  3. Re: Hours after Obama taunts GOP with widows, female suicide bomber explodes in Paris

    At the time of the explosion, scorching...
  4. Re: Lane Kiffin Interviewed for the Maryland Head Coach Vacancy

    Oh, he'd be in the same division as Urban Meyer again. Make this happen.
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    Re: Attendance at LSU game

    I always thought we ought to go to a square footage ticket exchange with Tennessee. say 25,000 sq ft = 10,000 tickets for the Vols at Bryant Denny and 50,000 tickets for Tide fans at Neyland Stadium
  6. Re: LSU beat writer: Like it or not, LSU, Alabama is your daddy

    TTT :)
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    Re: Florida-Vandy game thread

    Horrible call.
  8. Re: Woman strips naked and pours ketchup on herself (FL of course)

    It kind of hard to tell. I'll have to smear ketchup on my screen to see. :)
  9. Re: Paper; Global Warming "The Biggest Science Scandal Ever"

    I think we are finally starting see the agenda behind climate alarmists:

    Solve climate change...make people smaller

    It is interesting to note that the average height of a climate alarmist...
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    Re: State Flag Comes Down at Ole Miss

    Yeah, but for the Brasiians, the Confederate flag represents improved farming techniques and much needed labor in the interior of Sao Paulo while the Yankee flag supported a brutal military...
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    Re: State Flag Comes Down at Ole Miss

    Don't forget the couple hundred of Os Confederados in Brasil. ;)
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    Re: Ole Miss vs Auburn - Who are you pulling for?

    Not get off topic, but what is this the wikihow for?
  13. Former NHL ref admits to calling penalties against players he didn't like.

    +1 to all those that think the ref hates my team.


    The guy really is such arrogant son of a motherless goat that he doesn't realize he is admitting to being crooked. As Lindros' team...
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    Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. Vols...

    On Tennessee's last drive, they ran the ball on first down for a short game at the 2:19 mark. The game clock never started until the next play. Did the clock operator make a mistake or was I not...
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    Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Vols...

    Wow, CBS is getting a Direct TV reference in their Peyton Manning interview. Just Wow.
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