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  1. Re: CB Contrell Curtis commits to Bama!!!

    Congrats and welcome. Rtr
  2. Link: Re: Are spring games like "A Day" going by the wayside? (Link)

    Not an issue that applies to bama. A day is too big a positive for the team and recruiting as well as economic impact for school and city. This is an issue for smaller schools where the rewards are...
  3. Link: Re: Ole Miss has the potential of a 300lb quarterback after Wallace

    The concern is not how does he move on a few drop backs but how does he do in that hurry up over 4 quarters, or even 1.

    this has disaster potential if he stays at qb for the Rebs, as novel as it...
  4. Re: Favorite Saban Era O and D player...(only one each)

    Julio. Rolando
  5. Re: *** 2015 DE Anfernee Jennings Commits to Bama ***

    ​congrats rtr
  6. Re: NCAA to allow widespread usage of eight-man officiating crews

    This is probably a better solution than the 10 second rule considering 10 seconds does the defense few favors and still does not answer ref fatigue. Auburn run the oline down field and throw the ball...
  7. Re: Cyrus K not starting off very good at combine.

    Yea he'll still go in the first. Youll keep hearing that stuff then a team will sell a kidney to draft in the first round. Andre was too slow, carpenter was too slow, fluker was too slow, warmack was...
  8. Re: Bama fans (student section) may leave early but at least they show up!!! (Article

    In many ways sports are falling victim to their own success. It's far more convenient and cheap to watch from home even if you live in campus. You can pretty much find any college game on TV, in hd...
  9. Link: Re: Dee Hart arrested for possession of marijuana and giving false information

    We sure are missing out on quality fulmer cup points this year with all these former player arrests
  10. Re: CB Kalvaraz Bessent Signs With Auburn (Update: Arrested)

    Looks like he won't b charged, got lucky. Florida loves football players.
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    Blog: Re: The one Auburn stole from Bama

    If your going to commit a felony and you play college football, Florida is the state for you.
  12. Re: CB Kalvaraz Bessent Signs With Auburn (Update: Arrested)

    The JUCO pickup seems to b a bessent replacement the timing is to odd, signing a low level JUCO who was unable to sign with his intended school when another signee at that position gets arrested....
  13. Link: Re: Petition to stop the newest NCAA rule change

    Yes, Saban does rule.
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    Re: Former Bama RB Alvin Kamara Arrested

    We miss out in the fulmer cup points?
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    Wwe in Birmingham 4/14/14

    For any wrestling fans out there wwe raw will be live in Birmingham Monday 4/14/14 tickets go on sale 2/21/14. I'm already going to Wrestlemania xxx this year in New Orleans and will deffinatly be...
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