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    Re: Nice article on Kiffin's offense...

    I'd have to agree with that. Talent "potential" overall is as good as any team I've ever witnessed in over 50 years of watching. Will they realize all that potential is the $64 question.
  2. News Article: Re: Amari Cooper Credits Lane Kiffin's Offense as Reason Behind His Big Scrimmage

    I think Coach Saban, while a renowned defensive mind, has not dealt with spread offenses enough to fully account for them in his defense. Having said that, you stop AU's offense exactly the way we...
  3. Re: TSDTR's fans getting a little full of themselves (ITAT WARNING)

    Barn fans have always been overly boastful and see everything in orange and blue glasses. I read where some player the other day mentioned that one of their linemen was "twice" as strong as Greg...
  4. Re: Auburn DL Tyler Nero Passes Out During Practice's "Pace" Drill

    I played football in the late 60's and early 70's. Knowing what we know now it's a miracle we all didn't die with only one water break and salt tablets. Of course I didn't have air conditioned...
  5. Re: Congratulation to AJ and Katherine! They are engaged!

    I believe that's a photoshoped picture.
  6. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    I've never played rugby. However, for some stupid reason we used to have pick-up tackle football games in the middle of peanut patches where a lot of idiots got badly hurt back home.
  7. Link: Re: Greg McElroy on his SEC Network role, being critical of Alabama

    I would expect that from him as well. There are a few on this board who do the same.
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    Re: Where in the rotation is Kenyan Drake?

    I wouldn't be surprised if we unveil a package with multiple RB's or he might be used like Upchurch primarily in the 4th QTR and on certain pass plays. Get him in space and he's deadly.
  9. Re: What would you consider a "success" for the 2014 season?

    An SEC championship. We used to win those all the time but since Coach Saban we've won more NC's than SEC's.

    By default if we win the SEC we're in the running for another NC.
  10. Re: HBO RealSports Investigates for 6 Months on Education of Athletes

    I was the first in my family to get a college degree and once had a manager I worked for, while a freshman at UA, tell me that I could go far if I could cut back on the cursing and lose the hick...
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    Re: Reviewing the LSU and Auburn Game films....

    None of this is new to old timer Bama fans. The 72 punt-bama-punt game we wallowed around the whole game and played lackluster against TX in the bowl game. In 75 we lose the first game to Mizzou,...
  12. Re: Next Season's Schedule Breakdown Has Some Tough Spots

    We seem to get up for the LSU game more when it's in "red stick" and we do have a few Louisiana players so maybe that helps. Ole Miss kinda worries me and Arky and UT could be more competitive than...
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    Link: Re: Jeffrey Kessler files against NCAA (link)

    Saying that players will take illegal money no matter what doesn't speak highly of student athletes. I guess in your mind they're all thugs and criminals.

    I'd say your numbers for what a full...
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    Re: Prayer Request

    Your son and your family will be in our prayers. It's good to hear there is movement.
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    Link: Re: Jeffrey Kessler files against NCAA (link)

    I agree it shouldn't be decided by the courts, which is why the NCAA and the schools need to get together on this issue.

    According to UA's quick facts they estimate $12,000 per semester, which...
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