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  1. Re: Henry - Now a 2/5 Vegas Favorite to win the Heisman - Article 247

    As long as he gets a total of 150 yards and we win, he is a lock.
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    Re: Pat Dye stirring the pot again like last time

    Sounds like he thinks they will lose. I'll allow it.
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    Re: CFP predictions (11/24 and final)

    The committee had its chance to put us over Clemson last week and passed.

    I think we will stay at #2, even in the final poll, unless the committee puts in Notre Dame and wants to avoid a...
  4. News Article: Re: Why Baylor, Notre Dame and others must change scheduling in CFB playoff era

    Not playing the final weekend always hurts.

    Notre Dame should schedule a top Big 12 team for Championship weekend every year until the big 12 expands and has its own championship game again.
  5. Re: Walk down memory lane just before Coach Saban's hire. Neal McCready

    Obviously the article is terrible, but I don't know anyone who was confident we would get Saban the week before Christmas that year.
  6. Re: How does Les Miles situation affect recruiting?

    Pretty amazing he could be fired while he currently has the #1 recruiting class.
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Auburn

    35 - 18 Bama
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    Re: Another snub on the way for Big 12

    I'm actually shocked that people think a 12-0 Oklahoma State (after beating 8-1 Baylor and possibly 10-1 OU) wouldn't be ahead of Notre Dame (playing BC and Stanford) in the end.

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    Re: Another snub on the way for Big 12

    Oklahoma State needs no help other than to win its games. The others probably need Notre Dame to lose.
  10. Re: Texas to unload the cash truck for Saban ( New Report)

    Anyone who "knows" what Saban is going to do is just fooling himself.

    That being said, I don't think money will be the reason he goes anywhere.
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    Re: Confusion in bowl mania

    No sarcasm at all.

    I don't want to attend the game. I just want to know that they are in it and laugh.
  12. JessN: Re: If coaching carousel turns on Miles, someone at LSU is dumb

    My question is, who do they want who they would feel is an upgrade?
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    Re: Confusion in bowl mania

    Why? I would you really deny me the chance to see Auburn having to play in Birmingham?
  14. Re: College Football Playoff Rankings tonight?

    I didn't know that Oklahoma/Oklahoma St is next week. I thought they (big12) all played on Championship weekend so that their final game is not old news.
  15. Re: College Football Playoff Rankings tonight (update on page 2)

    They really should have rankings that look like this:

    1) Clemson
    2) Alabama
    3) Ohio St or Iowa
    4) Oklahoma St (if undefeated)
    5) 11-1 Notre Dame
    6) One Loss Power 5 Champ not named Alabama...
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