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  1. Re: ***OL Scott Lashley announcement thread (update: time uncertain/weather related)

    Nope! It takes unique size and variables to play the position. I remember last year when we struggled getting OT's someone said the 2016 class was loaded. Looks like we're taking advantage of the...
  2. Re: Yahoo Sources: NCAA to formally charge Mississippi with rules violations

    I was listening to Finebaum today (I know, but my work vehicle only has a radio and today's music is lame) anytime a caller would speak negatively about OM he would cut them off and speak to the...
  3. Re: How teams like Alabama convince 5-star recruits to commit and sit on the bench

    To be fair Phil Sims did end up in the NFL with the Cardinals.
  4. News Article: Re: Why Alabama is Encouraged About Future of QB Blake Barnett

    Barnett was hospitalized fairly recently which probably held him back in the strength program this year.
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    Re: '16 AL OLB Lyndell "Mack" Wilson

    So Nick runs the mail too? Man he's a hard worker
  6. Re: Saban Announces Tony Brown is Going Home for a Violation of Team Rules


    Tony's what, 20 years old? Taking a selfie beside the Coaches' Trophy is a red flag? I'll bet you he was just taking advantage of the opportunity and having a good time, making a memory....
  7. Re: 2016 national champions - great, greater, greatest

    Really? This is a celebratory thread. You come on it and critique another's delivery? I appreciate you keeping me right. I'll make sure You're shown the same courtesy in the future.
  8. Re: Saban Reflects on Fifth Title While on Plane

    I know WE fans sure are proud of what you've accomplished and how you've gone about doing it. Thank you for number 16!
  9. Re: 2016 national champions - great, greater, greatest

    Great - Watching Bama play and drinking beer.

    Greater - Watching Bama FINISH I love how this team seemed to care about the little things. Seeing them succeed was like the script of an...
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    Re: Right on cue. Auburn fans no longer interested in CFB.

    Love this one -

    "It feels like "the process" has turned college football into a one-team show."

    Poor barnies taking their ball and going home. They are the National Champions of Fit Throwing
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    Game Thread Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. MSU...

    This is're all going crazy admit it! Wow what a game!What a D! what a performance by Coker! WOW just wow! We're going for the TITLE!!!
  12. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. MSU - 2nd Half...

    It's obvious the SEC beat itself up this year. Better than advertised as usual.
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    Re: Coach Saban closing in.

    After 9 years of listening to and watching Saban, it's clear to me that helping kids is his passion. Football's the catalyst.
  14. Re: Heisman finalists announced on 6pm Eastern (5pm Central) on Sportscenter ESPN2

    Roll Tide Roll
  15. Re: 12/5 games of national importance catch-all thread

    Ok, why is it a lock for OU to play in Dallas?
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