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    Re: Kirby knew he was leaving.....???

    We all knew Kirby was leaving. I read that remark as, " You're a good enough player that I would recruit you wherever I'm employed at." If you're going to get worked up over recruiting antics you...
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    Re: Michigan having a signing day event

    No, it's not. The kids these days eat the celebrity nonsense up. I'm sitting here watching ESPN talk about Harbaugh's revolutionary tactics. They even mentioned his scholarship pulls and actually...
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    Re: Remaining Recruits

    If you are reeled in by ," The players at Alabama are too good for you to play right away" nonsense after watching true freshmen play year in and year out then I would prefer you take your "talents"...
  4. Link: Re: The results are in: Alabama isn't going anywhere.

    They call holding on these spread mobile quarterbacks and Alabama has only lost to Garcia and Cam. Bank on it.

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  5. News Article: Why Alabama is Encouraged About Future of QB Blake Barnett

    BB can stretch the defense with his arm strength. I posted a video earlier this year of him the throwing the ball seventy yards while he was in high school, so the chance to threaten every part of...
  6. Re: *** DE/LB Christian Bell Signs with Alabama after Taking Greyshirt (12/16/15) ***


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  7. Re: Punishment for a child who likes Vile uniforms?

    You must break him. Rocky top in headphones until he snaps.

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  8. Thread: 16 ???

    by AlexanderFan

    Re: 16 ???

    Really, I remember this guy posting a few times before. Let's all relax and be good for a change.

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    Re: Any concern about recruiting this year?

    I'm very scared. You should be too. Maybe go jump off a really tall foot stool.

    Even without stars we have a very strong "coaching" staff as well as a "recruiting" staff.

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    Re: Just for fun: hashtag #bamafanproblems

    Only getting one year out of championship shirts before they're outdated. Those shirts ain't cheap!


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  11. Link: Re: Nick Saban vs Bear Bryant: Who Is The Better Alabama Coach?

    Saban. Hands down. Bryant drove an automatic, Saban is driving a stick in terms of running a program. If you can drive a stick you can drive an automatic, the reverse is not necessarily true.

  12. Re: Clemson analysis -- Bama had to play the perfect game

    Give me three holding calls (of which they had none) and we blow them out of the water. Watson changed directions so many times that night and if I saw one of our defenders being pulled down by the...
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    Re: Jake Coker in the NFL

    Slow release, doesn't see the whole field, and inconsistent accuracy. That being said he only has one year of starting experience and has gotten better as the season progressed. He may get a shot,...
  14. Question: Re: Which Juniors will leave early for the NFL? Just Henry and A'Shawn So Far

    This man will factor into the defensive line next year as well. For those of you not familiar with the recruiting...
  15. Re: ***2016 DT Kendell Jones Commits to the Tide***

    I'm sure the bus seconds your nomination

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