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  1. Re: Early buzz on Alabama’s new No. 1 receiver

    Glad to see Chris is getting his due after patiently waiting his turn. Coop grabbed the spotlight early and would not let it go.
  2. Link: Re: Check Out These Concept Helmet Designs For Alabama

    ridiculous idea in my opinion as well. I mean, we are about "tradition" not fad, correct?
  3. JessN: Re: Spring previews: Offensive line, tight end, safety are keys to 2015 success

    Love all of your articles Jess. Regarding your opening statement:

    "The way the 2014 season ended pleased virtually no one associated with the Alabama football program, but depending on who you...
  4. Re: 4 star OT Jean Delance Decommits from OU, Indicates Interest in Alabama

    Nice! Man, we certainly need stud OTs. Here is to hoping he sticks with us.
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    Re: Rolando facing suspension per ESPN

    Tell me about it. Heck, the way things are headed ganga will be legal in a couple of years anyway.
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    Re: NFL Combine 2015

    Maybe, but anything can happen. Money talks. Remember the Falcons deal to get Julio? Would anyone argue they made a sound financial decision? Coop will be a star and any team in need of a game...
  7. Link: Re: 3 star in-state LB to walk on Alabama football team

    Agreed...Naval Academy is a pretty strong pull.
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    Re: Mel Tucker`s Technique With DB Coverage?

    I really hate acronyms...really wish people would stick to the written language like it was meant to be articulated. It's no wonder there are so many misinterpretations. Heck, I've been on this...
  9. Re: Mario Cristobal Unanimous Recruiter of the Year

    Very proud of Coach Cristobal and this staff! Time to coach 'em up fellas and bring home the hardware!
  10. Re: Looks Like Alabama Won't Have the No. 1 Class. Does anyone care?

    Having our entire class signed, sealed and delivered before I've had my second cup of coffee is really a sign of the times here at the Capstone. Being a #1 or #2 rated class overall to boot is...
  11. Re: Looks Like Alabama Won't Have the No. 1 Class. Does anyone care?

    its all subjective anyway. The fact that we are even top 5 every year re-affirms the idea that we are simply reloading.
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    Re: The Final Push: Where We Stand 2/2

    I am happy with our class the way it is but yes, that is very interesting indeed. Seems every year we pull a rabbit or two out of a hat.
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 26, 2015

    FWIW, Tider Insider speculates that linebacker CeCe Jefferson, wide receiver Terry Godwin and tight end Tyrone Wheatley, Jr. are at the top of our board right now. Nice list!
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    Re: Tom Roberts appreciation thread.

    Tom was awesome, a true professional. He is really going to be missed.
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 26, 2015

    I know it is way, way late in the game but I just get the feeling we will get a nice surprise or two on signing day. Nothing inside just a hunch...
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