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    Link: Re: Go to ESPN to vote for Amari...

    Just voted. Now tied 39% to 39%.
  2. Thread: 2 UA vs Tenn

    by bama70

    2 UA vs Tenn

    2 UA vs Tenn

    Section PP. Row 25

    $80.00 each

    Phone 256-996-2022

    Can meet in Fort Payne
  3. Re: Seat Location Question for My First ever visit to T Town

    I would also wait until closer to the game date. There will be plenty of tickets for sale the day of the game most probably priced below face value. Try sections D thru G above row 30. These...
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    2 Alabama vs A & M tickets

    Section NN-10 Row 20 Seat 19 & 20. $80.00 per ticket

    Call 256-996-0962

    I can meet you on the quad.
  5. Re: How will the 11:00 start time impact this weeks game?

    There were so many heat related issues with the fans that the EMTs could not handle all the calls. This starting time was a total sellout to the fans that actually attend the games.

    I feel that...
  6. What sections will Alabama fans be seated at Ole Miss?

    I am looking for four tickets in an Alabama section. If you have any tickets to the game for sale please contact me by private message.
  7. How will the 11:00 start time impact this weeks game?

    I personally absolutely hate 11:00 kickoffs. Since it is a three hour drive from my hometown to Tuscaloosa it is necessary for me leave early Saturday morning to make kickoff. It will also be...
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    Re: Playoff ticket options now on sale


    I guess. But it should be even not Bama being the highest.

    Once the original allocation is sold, options can be bought and sold on the web...
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    Re: Playoff ticket options now on sale

    [QUOTE=JBama_in_PCOLA;2438871]Wow! Why!!

    A lot of Bama fans used this option to obtain tickets to the 2009, 2011, and 2012 BCS championship games. A lot of the top teams have not been to the...
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    Playoff ticket options now on sale

    Options to purchase tickets for the semi-finals and finals are now on sale at college football playoffs team tix. As usual, Alabama has the highest option price.

    A new twist this year is the...
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    2 Upper level West Virginia

    I have 2 tickets for the West Virginia game. The tickets are in section 332 row 15. Asking $160.00 for the pair. Located in Northeast Alabama.

  12. Re: Would you Follow the Tuscaloosa Tide - Minor League Football Team?

    Even without the"elite" players i would still be a University of Alabama fan. I could care less about a minor league or for that matter professional football team.
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    Re: Alabama Adds La-Monroe to 2015 Schedule

    Should be a great game to take the whole family. Tickets will probably be given away outside the stadium around kickoff.
  14. Re: Should Alabama football players join the players' union?

    Just a thought but what would happen if colleges could not give out athletic scholarships? I know athletic scholarships were first authorized because there was so much cheating going on at the time...
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    Re: Tide Sports Reporting Tony Brown Arrest

    Twitter account

    @rogerpatmyers: @rollbamaroll Track team party, cops busted in, pepper sprayed Brown in the face over and over... I think a little over zealous reaction
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