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    Re: VT Hires Justin Fuente

    Good hire by VT. Justin employes a wide open offense. Give him a decent defense and VT will be a force in their conference. VT has better facilities than Memphis, so JF will have better players...
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    Re: Slick field - one of their trick plays?

    That stunt goes back to the days of John Madden coaching the Raiders. The night before some games tarps were removed and sprinklers were on part of the night.
    Supposedly Pat Dye has employed this...
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    Re: SEC enhances championship security

    One thing that needs to be emphasised is that if Security personnel stop you, be polite, answer their questions truthfully, and you will be on your way w/o delay. Give em a hard time at your own...
  4. Re: Florida vs Alabama any early thoughts or concerns?

    From watching the Fl. QB, he reacts poorly to pressure. Throws may be up for grabs.
    Run was abandoned when stopped near the line of scrimmage.
    We need to pressure their QB early and often.
  5. Re: Coker scramble/td pass play is amazing when watching replay:

    It took part of our season, but Jake Coker has proved himself as someone who can lead us to a championship.
    Remember that the line on Jake was that he had lead feet and couldn't run. He can run...
  6. Re: How Nick Saban's dominance impacted coaching futures of Mark Richt, Les Miles


    Richt joins a long list of coaches given the Heave Ho because Coach Saban dominated them... ;)
  7. Re: Latest Bama news 11/28/2015 Game Day Thru 11/29/2015 Post Game

    Jimmies and Joes all over North Georgia joined a couple of rich boosters and Richt is out. Just like that. PROCESSED.
  8. Re: I wont be shocked if Meyer pulls another "Florida".....

    My take is Meyer left because he no longer had Tim Tebow. Florida went from world beater to beaten by the world after Tim graduated. Meyer used the excuse to skip town. Of course Coach Saban...
  9. Re: L5U Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    Les doesn't have to be glib. All he has to do is be better than Corso and company, eat a little grass out of each endzone and predict the winner.
  10. Re: L5U Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    When he drives away it should be to contact ESPN. He would be a natural as a color commentator.

    IMO: Les will be seen as a good guy done wrong. A public Relations Night Mare for LSU.
  11. Re: L5U Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    Lets talk about the Coordinators and assistants at LSU... How many will be offered by who ever the new guy is? If LSU gets a big name guy, he will likely bring a big part of his staff.

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    Re: OK, I'm a little worried AU

    Take a 'Chill Pill'.
    Auburn doesn't have the HP to run with us past the first half.
    I do expect Gus to throw the kitchen sink at us on offense, but our big guys up front will only bat it down... ...
  13. Re: L5U Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    SEC Media days next year won't be the same w/o Les Miles and Steve Spurrier. Writers better bring 'NO DOZE'.
  14. Re: L5U Coach Les Miles May Be Coaching For His Job (Per Baton Rouge Advocate)

    LSU has already torpedoed their #1 recruiting class with talk of firing Les Miles. 4 and 5 star guys want a situation where the man recruits them and is there while they are. Not in a lame duck...
  15. Link: Re: Fired up Gus Malzahn over Trick plays against Bama

    Does Wing T and a couple of gadget plays qualify as Auburn's offense?
    I just hope they don't go into cheap shot U mode.
    (They do seem to hurt more players than other teams, lots of knees injured...
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