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    Re: Pat Dye stirring the pot again like last time

    That's exactly what he said.
  2. Thread: Bo or Damien?

    by efd840

    Re: Bo or Damien?

    It was Bo that nearly fumbled. He took the ball off right tackle and a Miss State defender nearly knocked it loose with a swipe. He bobbled it and had to spin around to regain control. The play...
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    Re: CFN Prediction - Bama 31 Miss State 20

    MSU's schedule thus far has helped their record greatly. Alabama has faced 7 teams that currently have winning records.

    State has faced three and lost to two of them. The teams that beat them...
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    Re: Duke Williams kicked off the team

    Generally no, there would not be an incident report. For the most part, LE in Alabama cannot make an arrest for a misdemeanor not committed in their presence (Domestic violence is an exception). ...
  5. Re: Film study: Alabama’s DBs starting to look like NFL prospects again

    I'll hold off until after the TAMU game before I feel very comfortable, but I'm not so sure this is the case in 2015.

    The sample set is small, but thus far we've played 3 spread teams with 1...
  6. Link: Re: Alabama's the Underdog at Georgia, but It Should Probably be the Favorite

    You're right on the narrative if Bama loses, but if they win the narrative will simply become "Georgia really wasn't that good."
  7. JessN: Re: Georgia preview: Bulldogs are masters of efficiency

    I disagree as well.

    If they can avoid the turnover bug, I think it will be a very enjoyable afternoon for Alabama fans.
  8. Re: One of the most shocking stats I've seen: Alabama is last in FBS defending 3r...

    Gotta disagree. The problem is still mostly 3rd and long. Middle Tennessee was 6/15 (40%) when facing 3rd & 5 or longer. It is worth noting that every single 3rd down conversion they made was over...
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    Question: Re: Over-coaching the secondary?

    Geno doesn't have a pick. The one in the Wisconsin game was Eddie Jackson.

    Otherwise, I agree. I'm still very uneasy about the play of the secondary but I thought there was a very noticeable...
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    Re: Espn piece on Tim Tebow

    You're assuming having a successful NFL career at any position is important to him.

    It could indeed be a pride thing but it could also be that he likes playing quarterback and has simply decided...
  11. Re: ESPN Starting coverage late to cover the car race aftermath was silly

    I was somewhat suprised they stayed with the post race on the main channel for as long as they did but here's something y'all might want to consider.

    The NASCAR tv contracts just signed in 2013...
  12. Link: Re: Alabama and Florida St. are mirror images...according to the Times

    I've got to take exception to the Bryant comparison.

    Alabama was 10-2 in 1980. In 1981, they won a SEC title and were an inexplicable loss to Georgia Tech (the only regular season loss) away...
  13. Re: Auburn glad you're back (hopefully), the Iron Bowl wasn't the same without ya

    While I despise everything about Johnny off the field, it is fair to say that what's caught up with him are a complete lack of defense and suspect to downright poor at times offensive line play.
  14. Re: Here's what we have gathered so far regarding the Clinton-Dix case...

    I'm betting he is done as a college coach.
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    Link: Re: Spurrier, Tanner explain pulling TV Show

    Who seems to have shown up to work half (or more) lit. He's going to get grief at the very least.

    The common working man gets fired.
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