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    Game Thread Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. AU...

    IIRC, I believe 'Bo' rushed for about that same amount in the '83 IB, But about 140 yards of that came on two TD runs.
    Note: I stand corrected...Bo had 20 rushes for 256 yards.
    Roll Tide! Stomp the...
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    Re: OK, I'm a little worried AU

    I'm on the side that feels teams sometimes play above their heads, and also get unlikely lucky breaks. I know that Bama is by far the better team. I also know that I've seen my better team lose to a...
  3. Re: Pat Dye stirring the pot again like last time

    Something along the line of a "kick six"? I hope never again.

    Roll Tide! Stomp the barn!
  4. Re: The Iron Bowl Myth: A Great Rivalry Any Team Can Win

    Thanks very much! Great read.
    I'm certainly feeling better about this Saturday.
    Thanks again.

    Roll Tide! Beat the barn!
  5. JessN: Re: CSU wrap-up: Hard to find any flaws in complete domination

    Any of you think the barn played sloppily to sucker Bama in?

    Roll Tide!
    Beat (the snot out of) the barn!
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    Re: Nissan Heisman House- Vote for Derrick Henry

    Man, no wonder so many people think we Bama fans are a bunch of cheaters.:biggrin:

    Roll Tide!
  7. Re: Last Home game for senior players on the team

    Wow! Will Bama be able to win a game next year without this group?

    That is an impressive amount of talent that won't be wearing Crimson and White next year.
    I'm going to really miss King Henry...
  8. Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Charleston Southern

    31-6 Bama. First string plays enough to keep their gears oiled, then backups and reserves get some much needed and deserved playing time. I think any time CSU gets within sight of the end zone the...
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    Re: What do we know about Charleston Southern?

    UMM...I don't know. Are we sure, regardless of CS's success within their conference, should we grant them the same status as the barn, in relation as to their possible expertise with their offensive...
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Miss. State

    How about two in a row...Bama 30-MSU 16.

    Roll Tide! Beat MSU!
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    Re: Henry could end Jr. year much like Lacy

    Not taking anything from King Henry, the man is 'The Man'! I feel that Kenyon is again showing flashes of the ability we grew to appreciate last year before the Ole Miss game took it's toll. Between...
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    Re: Gameday Guest Picker?

  13. Re: What would possess kids to make those stupid signs?

    Is that it? My's a stupid sign, made by stupid people, and highlighted by stupid people making a mountain out of a molehill. We all know that this dumb act is no more indicative of the...
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    Re: Baylor at K-State

    I agree, it should not have been that close. But, according to the 'experts' (of which I am not), UGA should have beaten Bama. And other than UGA, I can't remember when the last time was, over the...
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    Re: Weather for LSU Game

    I just checked the hourly prediction on Saturday for T-Town by TWC. Rain ending by 7 PM Central. But, no one tells 'Mother Nature' what she is going to do. I just hope she is on the 'Tide's' side.
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