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  1. Link: Re: Tarheels go "all in" and hire Chizik as defensive coordinator

    Because he would be back in the SEC and facing both Alabama and Muschamp every year sip. The NC gig is a whole lot less pressure. He'll have time to enjoy the money rather than spending it on...
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    Re: Playoff Officials

    I believe we had a PAC12 crew officiating when we played ND.
    I had no problems with the outcome. :)
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    Question: Re: Evaluate TCU - Are They For Real?

    I watched WVU play both TCU and Baylor. They beat the latter outright and lost to TCU in the 4th qtr. IIRC, WVU was without a couple of key play makers (starting corner was out, as was #2) when they...
  4. Poll: Re: If Coach Mac is hired by Florida, are you going to root for them more?

    Yes. Just like I rooted for coach Bryant's assistants when they moved into a HC gig.
    But then, I root for every SEC team when they play OOC.
    Bama first, SEC second, anyone playing football third...
  5. Re: Conference Championship Games in general, random thoughts

    During the BCS era, the conference championship game was an opportunity to propel a team into one of the top spots or jockey position for a better bowl berth.
    But with the new playoff committee, I...
  6. Re: OK, that's it. Official "Boo Radley" appreciation thread...

    My wife has to remind me from time to time that there are angels here on Earth.
    She's always right and I've been reminded again. Fist bump Boo. Good on ya!
  7. Thread: deer Dr. Moo

    by GCtidefan

    Re: deer Dr. Moo

    Always like me some Dr. Moo posts. Thanks Redwood.
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    Re: First ever Bama game

    Y'all come back now ya'heah?
  9. Re: What happens if the last playoff spot comes down to a choice between TCU and Bayl

    If TCU or Baylor is #4 after the first week of December and the other is #5, it simply means #5 will whine that they could have beaten whomever #4 lost to in the first round of the playoffs. RTR
  10. Re: Desmond Howard - For Ole Miss to win stopping Cooper is key

    With White having a sprained toe, his snaps could be limited. We'll need to get Black and OJ involved and get our running game going.
  11. Re: Nickname what do you think? "Blake the Snake"

    After all the negative news feeds about him........MR. Sims
  12. Re: ****Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. FAU****

    Good morning everyone! Looking forward to watching a lot of our guys play today.
  13. Re: After the first weekend who would your top 4 teams be?

    No it wasn't. I saw too many holes in FSU and UCLA. Oregon and most of the B1G didn't play anyone competitive IMO.
    Golson was a player reborn for ND, and as much as I dislike them, they played very...
  14. Re: After the first weekend who would your top 4 teams be?

    Based on what I perceive the level of competition to be, and actually watching all or part of the games:
    4.tOSU (took them 3 quarters to wake up and discover their offense and...
  15. Thread: OSU @ Navy

    by GCtidefan

    Game Thread Re: OSU @ Navy

    Dude was 10 yards past his coverage. Had to stop and wait on the long ball.
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