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    Re: I'm looking for a replay of the aTm game

    The Noonkick site has it up, the first segment is choppy though.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. Hogs Postgame Headache Thread****

    The Florida game is looking like fools gold as far as the offense and Blake Sims.

    He does some things well, but he looks really limited in the variety of passes he can throw well.
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    Re: The Importance of the QB Position

    Blake has played much better than i thought he would this year, but he did some real shaky things against Ole Miss.

    Plenty of near interception, at least one looked like a pick six waiting to...
  4. Re: How I put the Ole Miss loss into perspective

    To me it boils down to mistakes, penalties and back breaking turnovers.
    And a play not to lose mentality at times.

    How about a focused team that plays with an edge and takes victory instead just...
  5. Re: Alabama can still win their way to a championship

    The teams we play the rest of the way can help, beat MSU, AU and A&M and we'll be pumped right back up, plus if Ole Miss runs the table, they will be ranked #1 or #2, making losing to them on the...
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    Re: Paradigm Shift

    Hard to lump us in with LSU, they look terrible on both sides of the ball, and could have 5 or 6 losses this year.

    The thing is, the SEC west is tougher than in the past when MSU and Ole Miss are...
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    Re: Alot of football left !!!!

    If us and Ole Miss win out, might set up a rematch in the playoffs, bet they wouldn't want to play us again on a neutral field.
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    Re: The last play call of game

    Sims threw some bad passes today, but this one looked like a TD if your athletic 6'6" TE would have attacked the ball.

    OJ is still young and learning though, he needs to grow into a better...
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    Re: Alot of football left !!!!

    Teams like MSU and Ole Miss aren't used to being in the national spotlight, they will both be highly raked after today, but still have tough games to play.

    We can win out and things should fall in...
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    Re: Loss may end up being good thing....

    I take my hat off to Ole Miss, they played well in the second half and took the game while we were making mistakes.

    But, it was just 1 loss, the SEC is rough this year, all the west teams have...
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    Re: Blake Sims 2014 vs Troy Smith 2006

    Yea, i can't think of one that started the season like this before, been a Bama fan since the late 70s.
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    Re: Blake Sims 2014 vs Troy Smith 2006

    Whats really weird, is if you compare Blake's first 4 games against what AJ did in the first 4 games last year as an experienced 2 time national champion and holder of many Alabama passing records.
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    Re: The Miss St evaluation thread.

    Prescott may not do anything in the pros, but he's looking like a very good college QB right now, leadership, good runner and enough arm to hurt you.

    MSU usually always has a dud at the QB...
  14. Re: Nickname what do you think? "Blake the Snake"

    Blakey Football?

    Ha Ha, just kidding
  15. Re: I Was Wrong About Blake Sims

    At first i thought Sims deserved a shot, but had not been impressed with his mop up duty or A-day game, so i had my doubts.

    But right now the guy is surprisingly a very good QB, leads the SEC in...
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