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  1. Re: What Nick Saban has done to the SEC since 2007

    I thought it meant we had 21 total All-Americans, 11 of which were unanimous.
  2. Re: NCAA Will Announce Infractions Committed By The University of Florida At 1 Today

    You mean you couldn't care less. If you could care less, then you care a little bit :)
  3. Re: Conference Commissioners Considering Freshman Ineligibility

    I'm more in favor of them getting rid of redshirting and giving players 5 years of eligibility. It would benefit 99% of college athletes. The other elite athletes will still leave early regardless.
  4. Re: Rule Change Proposal: Ineligible Man Downfield Decreased to One Yard

    This is definitely a needed change but it will be all for nought if they don't enforce it properly.
  5. Re: Saddam's hanging rope has been bid for $7M

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    Re: Kenyan Drake Posts Small Clip of Rehab

    Hard to believe Kenyan is already a Senior...where does the time go?

    I think we will have a great 1-2 punch with Derrick and Kenyan next year. I would like to see them on the field at the same...
  7. Rece Davis replacing Chris Fowler on College Gameday

    I love it!
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    Game Thread Re: ****Super Bowl Game Thread****

    Did anyone see the terrible Nationwide commercial? I would drop them if I were a customer of theirs.
  9. Re: New Key and Peele - Look Carefully -- for a Bama player!

    I almost lost my lunch at "A.A. Ron Rodgers". Fans of the show will get that one.
  10. Re: *** QB Blake Barnett Commits to Alabama ***

    IIRC the Prothro injury was also on 4th down and Shula went for the throat against the Gators. It was clearly his fault, Prothro should not have been in that position.
  11. Re: *** QB Blake Barnett Commits to Alabama ***

    Wasn't he categorized as a dual threat before?
  12. Re: Anybody else watching Trent Richardson's NFL career go down the drain?

    That's what I was getting at. The psychological effects could still be there.
  13. Re: Paterno to get his 111 vacated wins restored

    Sandusky is the one who should be punished, not the school. The players had nothing to do with it

    PSU shouldn't even exist anymore, IMO
  14. Re: Anybody else watching Trent Richardson's NFL career go down the drain?

    That makes sense. He actually had a pretty good rookie year in Cleveland behind a terrible offensive line. TR is too good a football player to have this little production in the NFL. You don't go...
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    Re: NFL to hold combine for veterans

    Well the NFL just loves to recycle coaches so maybe they need a combine too :p

    Seriously this is a great idea.
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