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  1. Re: Down from Canada - Where to Tailgate at Auburn

    I have no doubt. I've been a 'Bama fan for 30 years and went to my first game in Tuscaloosa last season. As you can imagine, my expectations were sky high and the experience exceeded those...
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all!

    As Rush said, we do our Thanksgiving up here in Canada in early October (things are getting frozen up here by the end of November) but ms. fundytide and I are...
  3. Re: Down from Canada - Where to Tailgate at Auburn

    Eh ben oui! Je m'excuse. We might be approaching sufficient numbers up here to start a club.
  4. Re: Down from Canada - Where to Tailgate at Auburn

    Where in Canada? I'm pretty sure I'm the only Bama fan in Nova Scotia and we're represented in Ottawa as well (Rush). Where exactly are you hanging the script A flag up here?
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    Re: Game day help

    Blake Sims is signing autographs at the Supestore tent on the quad on Saturday.
  6. Re: How Have We Grown? A Look Back At Wisconsin.

    Those jet screens help make Jake's completion percentages look a little better than expected too.

    I keep waiting for Kiffin to slip OJ into the middle vacated by a LB on a fake jet screen.
  7. Re: How Have We Grown? A Look Back At Wisconsin.

    I wouldn't say that our OL is porous. They see a lot of run blitzes to catch Henry in the backfield before he gets momentum and a lot of blitzes on passing plays as well. To my eye, the run blitzing...
  8. Re: How Have We Grown? A Look Back At Wisconsin.

    Or underneath crossing routes at the point where defenders' pass over their coverage responsibility to someone else in the combo coverage that Alabama uses. The trouble with that is a QB needs to...
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    Re: Pass Interference Calls Against Alabama

    IMHO, this discussion is but one example of how multiple camera angles and slow motion instant replay can make us all think we would be better coaches and players than we would ever be. We watch on...
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    Re: Injury status of Drake and Wilson?

    I thought I heard Gary Danielsen mention during the broadcast that Wilson only started playing football in his senior year in high school. If so, that might be why he flew under the radar, so to...
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    Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. MSU...

    Keep in mind Harris has done all of his running behind the 2nd and even 3rd string OL. I'm excited to see him get some reps with the 1s. Nevertheless, we need Drake for a successful playoff run.
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    Re: Official Pre-Game Thread - Bama vs. MSU...

    Roll Tide from Nova Scotia!

    Ms. fundytide and I were fortunate enough (thanks Boo Radley!) to be able to go to the LSU game but we will have to watch this one on TV at home. Wishing we were back...
  13. Re: No Surprise Here: Alabama Pressuring QB at Record Rate

    If there was a way to factor into the stats the times that he has been held (called and not called), those stats would be even more impressive.
  14. Re: Let's meet the Defensive front seven...UA line.

    Great read! But the author buried the lead IMHO: instead of 'cogs in the wheel' it should clearly have been 'bricks in the wall'.
  15. Re: Finebaum wouldn't be suprised Saban leaves if he wins it all this year

    I agree with what Jess said about Coach Saban on this one so I think Paul Finebaum's speculation is wrong. The only reason that I could imagine that would cause Coach Saban to retire is that he has a...
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