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    Re: 2016 Season QB Thread

    Where is Sip in this discussion? I want to hear his thoughts...seriously...the man is always on target, but he has been silent. Sip....are you there?
  2. Re: What's Up With Kendall Sheffield? (UPDATE: Reportedly Transferring)

    "Elite" HS athletes often have problems playing in college -- especially in positions which require quick analysis rather than just athletic ability. Why? They've never had to do this before. They...
  3. Re: Why the SEC has struggled to get elite QB play

    Interesting question...good discussion. UA has had an unprecedented run as we all know...but we have ONE QB who has shown the ability to compete (and possibly be elite) in the NFL -- AJM. Elite...
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    Re: Derrick Henry Having a Good Night

    I was laughing at all the prognosticators on ESPN who are now saying that he will be highly productive...where were they last spring when they ran him down in the draft? Stick it to 'em, DH!
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    Re: Hogs are Trolling Ole Miss

    I have watched that play over and was a planned throwback...those blockers were not in place for no good reason...however, the fact that it worked is incredible. LOL
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    Re: Let's Talk Trojans

    Whether or not we win this game depends more on us than on them. If we are ready and focused...we will win. If not -- or if we are too high (OM last year) then all bets are off. USC will be ready...
  7. Re: New ESPN Pick 'em group up and running. Join the fun.

    I joined...looks to be an interesting whole purpose here will be to make everyone else feel good about their picks! Thanks for doing this....
  8. Re: The future of football practice: What a no-tackle practice looks, feels & sounds

    Excellent article...thanks for sharing.

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  9. What Have You Learned Watching College Football in the Last Few Years?

    With all our success I have paid far more attention over the last 7 years than I did before. I had some preconceived ideas about UA and college football in general that were more fan based than fact...
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    Re: Happy Secession Day

    I blame my Father making me split wood for my 2 shoulder surgeries! It also may be the reason I can still drive a golf ball 275 after those I could just hit irons straight.

  11. Re: Incoming Freshman LB Mack Wilson Tweets He has a Torn Meniscus

    Should be full speed in a month....not a big deal, normally.

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    Re: CNS and Recruiting

    Think about it....these 17 year olds were 8 when CNS came to Bama...all they have known is Bama competing for championships, winning the same....and being on national television...etc. I never...
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    Re: CNS and Recruiting

    Most coaches slow down and go through a slump around this time...CNS seems to have taken recruiting to another level. I've never seen any school recruit this well for this long.
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    Re: Hello Tide Fans, I come in peace

    Let me just add that I support the leadership of this board 100%. This is the best board going...just stirring things up at a slow time. Love you guys...even our token Aubie!

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  15. Re: Baylor needs to hire some good lawyers (Update: Briles Fired, AD and Starr Resign

    Yes he is on their list. However, he was passed over for Briles.

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