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    Re: ****Bama vs. UT - Pregame Thread****

    Bazza....I lived in Knoxville for eight years and learned to love Spurrier because of how much they hated him up there.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. UT****

    Did the child get revenge by dropping a number two on you?

    Someone mentioned the ACT. My son is taking it today. Hope his score is close to our victory margin today.
  3. Link: Re: The most ridiculous excuses for skipping work

    The secretary where I once worked told me a guy called in and said he wasn't coming in because it was Friday the 13th.
  4. Re: Advice needed: parking at Neyland Stadium

    There are a number of bars on the strip, but I doubt you would be very popular.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. UT****

    I'll be in Jacksonville tomorrow for their game, so I welcome the late kickoff.

    Roll Tide!!!!

    Go Gamecocks!!!!!!
  6. Re: Notre Dame Freshman receiver "dating" a 44 year old porn star

    At least his girlfriend exists.
  7. Re: Need Help Deciding on a Job Possibility

    Could you live in the Birmingham area and commute to Montgomery? I know it would be about an hour drive, but depending where the job and house is it might be a bit shorter.
  8. Re: Tennessee Hate Week : All Things Tennessee Hate Related Here
  9. News Article: Re: Mother wants 'Breaking Bad' figures removed from Toys R Us

    They seem to be using public pressure to get them to drop it. If they have a bad Christmas season because people won't shop there, they may stop carrying it.
  10. Re: According to BOL Officials Warned the Staff of a Penalty if Bama Players Celebrat

    It wasn't preplanned like the thing the Georgia players did that time. I guess the ref was just saying he didn't want them to make a habit of doing that.
  11. Tennessee politician uses Kiffin in a negative campaign ad

    A friend of mine (a Bama grad) posted this on his Facebook page and I thought it was funny.
  12. News Article: Re: Expelled Nazis got millions in Social Security

    If he paid into Social Security I would say he is entitled to it.

    Why he isn't in prison is another matter altogether. Our government's position was to just let them leave?
  13. Re: Tennessee Hate Week : All Things Tennessee Hate Related Here

    You out kicked your coverage when you married her.
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    Re: Early Lines for Week 10 Games of Interest

    MSU is #1 and they have to show every team at least once over a certain period of time so this is a good way to use up their Kentucky game.
  15. Re: Tennessee Hate Week : All Things Tennessee Hate Related Here

    For the longest time I thought that was a dude on the left.

    Loved the video posted at the start of the thread. Garbage man convention .....LOL.
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