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  1. Re: What was the moment when Alabama became more than a football team to you?

    Two things: My favorite Uncle gave me my first Bama hat in 1980, and he died unexpectedly in 1983, so whenever we win, I look at it and remember him...Also 1992......I had loved Bama since I was 7...
  2. News Article: Re: National Championship Cans Why not bottles I wonder

    I have a can from the '92 championship, and mine did the same I put a pinhole in the bottom and drained it, and set it back on the shelf. Those cans are notorious for doing that.
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    News Article: Re: Cam Newton Sure Thinks A Lot Of Himself

    Fine example he sets for his younger fans....( me: gives ok symbol with fingers and wryly smiles)
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    News Article: Re: Chris Black on Alabama Offense

  5. News Article: Re: Why Alabama is Encouraged About Future of QB Blake Barnett

    Seeing what Lane did with Sims in 1 year, can't imagine what Barnette is gonna be like with multiple years with CLK.
  6. Re: Sweet highlight Video of Bama's season - best one I've seen

    That was Awesome! RTR!....
  7. Re: Why havent the players carried Coach Saban on their shoulders after winning a tit

    Betcha $10 that he may not look like it, but he enjoys every Gatorade bath he gets! I know I do, because that means we won! :wink:...and carrying him on the shoulders to me just doesn't fit Saban's...
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    Re: Kind of Funny Song About the Game

    LOL...that was actually humorous
  9. News Article: Re: Watson Singing a Better Tune - RE: Heisman

    Classy message by Watson..
  10. Re: Where would you rank the onside kick among the best plays in Alabama history?

    #1 ....because it was done under extreme pressure and Adam executed it perfectly.
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    Re: Our B Game Beat their A Game

  12. Link: Re: New No Longer: Mullaney's Path from OSU Transfer to Alabama WR on the Brink of Ti

    I love the guy... excellent slot receiver..very happy he decided to come to Bama! Roll Tide Rich!
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    How strong is BJ Emmons?

    I watched the Under Armor High School game on tv the other day, and got a chance to take a look at some of the guys playing in that game. I watched BJ Emmons carry the football, and noticed everytime...
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Clemson NCG

    Good guys 31

    Clemson 13
  15. Re: TE Howard puts opportunity bug in Tide QB Coker's ear

    That's a "Saban mentality" OJ has gotten into his head.:smile:
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