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  1. Re: 2015 4 * RB Jordan Stevenson

    Whose momma would really want their boy to play for pellini of they comparable other choices?

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  2. Re: Link: Let The Battle Begin: David Cornwell (speaks very highly of his progress)

    All of this talk has me really amazed thinking back at how well Sims played. Truly over his head.

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    Re: Lets assume that the Big 12 dies off soon

    I am not sure how this plays out as any of us are. But I think the economics of further conference realignment are much deeper and more complicated than just the number of TV sets in a given state. ...
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    Re: Here we go again: Expansion carousel

    With or without Texas in the conference, I think the best the Big 12 could do if they want to stay geographic is to annex BYU and Memphis from CUSA. That would give them access to the Salt Lake and...
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    Re: Here we go again: Expansion carousel

    At this point I wonder if OU would be better off jumping off Texas's coattails and jumping on A&M's coattials?

    If OU and A&M were to schedule an annual game early in the season it would look to me...
  6. Re: ***2016 K Eddy Pineiro (JUCO) commits to Alabama***

    Agreed, but to me if kicking and special teams make up 1/3 of your gameplan while the TE position occupies maybe 10% of your offensive gameplan, it stands to reason if I am building a coaching staff...
  7. Re: Has demand for football tickets cooled somewhat ?

    I got a second ticket solicitation from Tide Pride for several homes this week including LSU. I think demand for away games for visiting fans is falling across the board. I think that is where TV...
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    Re: Mitch Gaspard

    His contract is up at the end of next season and he has not been given an extension beyond next season. He was likely spared by the firing of Grant with a much bigger buyout. After that, the...
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    Re: Mark May Out On ESPN College Gameday Final

    I think it just shows how thin the talent pool is at ESPN. They are retooling gameday and in doing so they are having to throw CGF out with the bathwater. Think of all the personalities that have...
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    Re: Avery Johnson Jr to transfer to Alabama

    Uh coach, based on what I have seen, you better not rely too much on the 3pt shot as part of your offense...

    Bottom line coach needs to show this year how he wants to play regardless of how its...
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    Re: Satellite Camps coming to a city near you

    Its going to be a free for all...
  12. Re: The Problems with a Cost of Attendance Stipend

    Its debatable whether the NCAA is good at managing compliance. But I don't think there is any question that they are incompetent to sniff out the various accounting tricks that will be used to...
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?

    I've been told its not happening with us. Decision made by us. We are going to roll with what we have at the position.
  14. Re: Steve Shaw Tells JOX's The Roundtable Matt Moore and Penn Wagers Retired

    Who was the official in the LSU game back during the Shula era that completely ignored the pass interference allowing the dB to tackle the receiver and then intercept the ball for a touchdown?
  15. Re: Study concludes shuttered football program at UAB made money

    I believe I heard once a while back the undergraduate programs uab were not profitable but the graduate and doctoral programs were very profitable. Right now the tuscaloosa campus has a budget that...
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