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    Link: Re: New helmets and padding

    Looks fun. But I wouldn't pay to watch it.
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    Re: Phil Steele's early top 25

    Phil Steele frequently picks FSU as #1. He's something of a homer from Florida but this year with FSU coming off the NC, I'll give him a break this time. Bama at 2 is a bit steep - should be around...
  3. Re: Former LSU LB Tahj Jones In Serious Condition, Former LSU Player Arrested

    Unbelievable. I don't know the story of why. So, I can only say I hope the young man recovers.
  4. Link: Re: SIAP..Jadeveon Clowney Videobombs AJ McCarron Interview..LOL

    Funny video. AJ is class all the way.
  5. Re: Two SEC Teams In A Four Team Playoff..Get Used It College Football

    I'd say 8 teams is perfect. #9 never has an argument for a national championship.
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    Re: Altee TenPenny in trouble with the law

    The stuff should be legalized everywhere, period. It is literally a 100x safer than alcohol. I'd rather these players do this than drink. Had to throw this in. That being said, he shoulda stayed put....
  7. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    I think I know the name of the game but we simply called it 'Pitch up and smear' ;)
  8. Re: Two SEC Teams In A Four Team Playoff..Get Used It College Football

    Why in the world do we not have an 8-game playoff? 5 conf winners (SEC, Big12, Big10, ACC, Pac12) and top 3 non-conference-champs. Takes the human element out of it. No council. No conjecturing. Very...
  9. Re: Alabama Athletic Department Made a Little Money in 2013

    That sportswriter should have waited just a few seasons before posting that. ;)
  10. Link: Re: Ole Miss has the potential of a 300lb quarterback after Wallace

    I would hate to have to be the guy who has to pass rush this guy.
  11. Link: Re: Update on Ole Miss QB Jeremy Liggins (one time Bama recruit)

    Didn't this kid used to be Rohan Davey? Maybe he doesn't have the "chest" but he sure has the "guts".
  12. Link: Re: A Corn Dog Truck Wrecked In Louisiana This Morning..LOL

    Too funny, Tideman. :-D
  13. Re: Coach Bryant Speaks About The Coming Playoff (1980 Sugar Bowl)

    Great post, selmaborntidefan. Coach Bryant was no dummy.
  14. Re: What would you consider a "success" for the 2014 season?


    - O-line improves
    - 1 RB with 1000+ yds
    - We beat Auburn (a loss here would be devastating)
    - We finish with no more than 2 losses
    - We win our bowl game!!!

    - Defensive...
  15. Re: Favorite Saban Era O and D player...(only one each)

    Same here. Though, Vinnie comes close for me. I value heart :)
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