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    To me, this should be the final nail in the coffin of rumors (hopes?) that Saban will leave Alabama to coach elsewhere. After all, if he were to leave, wouldn't that be bad for (the car) business?
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    Blog: Re: The one Auburn stole from Bama

    - quote -

    "It's unlikely that all will face the possession charge. It's far more likely that the driver alone will face that charge, since the driver is assumed to be responsible for everyone,...
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    Re: I predict Kiffin will....

    That took a weird turn.
  4. Re: If/When Bill O'Brien leaves Penn St. for the Texans


    Penn State has always been my second favorite program, going back to the goal line stand (the day I became an Alabama fan.) We were lucky enough to make the pilgrimage to State College In...
  5. Re: Saban signs multi-year extension w/Bama, shorthorns on suicide watch...

    You made some posts in which you expressed concern based on some information you said you had. This, in turn, caused me to be concerned unnecessarily.

    I guess I fell into the trap of reading...
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    Re: Watching the ut chatt game

    When the SEC Network is up and running next season, will that mean no more PPV games?

    I certainly hope so.

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  7. JessN: Re: UTC preview: Early lead, mass substitutions, no injuries are the goals

    Was going to ask the exact same thing. Sounds like it is but I would love to get Jess' take.
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    Question: Re: Where are Best Places To Eat in Tuscaloosa?

    We also stop at Taco Casa before every game. Really good Mexican style fast food, made very fresh and extremely reasonably priced.
  9. Question: Have you ever been embarassed by the behavior of a fellow Alabama fan?

    Need to talk this through as I am feeling quite upset at the moment.

    Tonight was the orientation for my daughter's 14-year old club volleyball team. All the parents were gathered to meet our...
  10. [Sponsored Thread] Re: Onos Performance Sunglasses - Get a TideFans discount!

    Very happy with my purchase. Great quality and doing business with a fellow ...... is a +.
  11. Re: Wow. Jameis Winston investigated for sexual assault

    It's not just the lunatic fringe of barners either:
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    Link: Re: Bama-MS State 6:45 on ESPN

    Any word on the other conference games? We've been invited to pre game with some friends at their condo in, of all places, Auburn. I am hoping to do that and have time to make it home for Alabama...
  13. Link: Re: Coach Saban to fans: Stay the full game or give tickets to someone who will!

    I hear that Texas' fans stay the whole game.

    Just sayin'.

    *Ducks for cover*
  14. Re: Careful what you wish for Boogs. "We want Bama" at Powerline Corner

    How do you know when you have established a dynasty?

    When opposing fans on both coasts call on you as the standard against which they measure themselves.

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    Re: Any late words or thoughts on Ha Ha?

    Catch me up please. Was it addressed at coach Saban's press conference?

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