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  1. Re: ESPN3/WatchESPN to stream game synced with Eli and Phil's call

    You sure the playoff game wasn't available? I was at work for the first game and watched parts of the game synced with both the Clemson and Oklahoma radio broadcasts over watchespn on my phone. I...
  2. Re: ESPN3/WatchESPN to stream game synced with Eli and Phil's call

    That feature is AirPlay. It lets you mirror your iOS device to a screen using an Apple TV as the intermediary. It is a feature of the operating system.

    If you have a Google chromecast, you can...
  3. Re: ESPN3/WatchESPN to stream game synced with Eli and Phil's call

    A quick google of iOS watchespn chromecast says this isn't true.

    I don't have one, so I cannot personally testify but all available information says you can cast WatchESPN.
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    Re: Coker's Brother "Drives" An A-10 Warthog?

    The manufacturer was Fairchild Republic. Since the plane was built, the company's changed hands several times and the name no longer exists. What's left of it is owned by Elbit, an Israeli defense...
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    Re: "Should I Stay or Should I Go, Now?"

    That right there should be your answer. There will be other football games.
  6. Re: Let's Turn This Around - What Is Clemson's Defensive Gameplan for Bama?

    That's exactly what I'd do. Pressure, pressure, and more pressure.

    Play close press man on the corners to take away the quick stuff and bring all kinds of rush.

    You're going to give up a big...
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    Re: Coker's Brother "Drives" An A-10 Warthog?

    For a plane that does all its work in the engagement envelope of MANPADS, only a couple of A-10 losses have come from them. The plane's systems are so redundant and it is so tough, the small warhead...
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    News Article: Re: Peyton Manning Accused of Using PEDs

    There's a preponderance of the evidence that says the entire story is false.

    The source they rely on recanted before the story was even published and he didn't even start working at the place...
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    Re: Who's our OC next year?

    If Kiffin wants to ever have a chance at another top-tier college job, he's got to stay at Alabama more than 2 years if given the opportunity.

    I may be wrong, but IMO right now the only NFL OC...
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    Re: And It Starts (Alabama Cannot Defend The Pass)

    It simply isn't possible for me to disagree more.

    It was that game that made me believe the secondary had turned the corner.

    He got the benefit of the no-call penalty TD and the helmet-bounce...
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    Question: Re: Mike Shula as an NFL HC?

    This can't be said enough.

    Not only was he very young, he took the job without so much as one day of college coaching experience.

    He did the best he could in really bad times and that shouldn't...
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    Re: Pat Dye stirring the pot again like last time

    That's exactly what he said.
  13. Thread: Bo or Damien?

    by efd840

    Re: Bo or Damien?

    It was Bo that nearly fumbled. He took the ball off right tackle and a Miss State defender nearly knocked it loose with a swipe. He bobbled it and had to spin around to regain control. The play...
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    Re: CFN Prediction - Bama 31 Miss State 20

    MSU's schedule thus far has helped their record greatly. Alabama has faced 7 teams that currently have winning records.

    State has faced three and lost to two of them. The teams that beat them...
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    Re: Duke Williams kicked off the team

    Generally no, there would not be an incident report. For the most part, LE in Alabama cannot make an arrest for a misdemeanor not committed in their presence (Domestic violence is an exception). ...
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