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    ATH Jack Jones Signs With USC

    Andrew Bone said we are not done yet ....

    Who is left? Irvin Smith? Jack Jones??

  2. Re: ***Jared Mayden announcement thread (Wed, 9AM CT)

    Bamamag shows committed to us??
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    Re: ***AJ Brown announcement thread (Wed, 8:45-9AM CT)

    Don't understand Ole Miss with the NCAA looming ..
  4. Re: Dilemma regarding the National Championship game..HELP!!!

    I say go!!!! You won't be alone ... will find lots of Bama friends right beside you :)
  5. Re: Roll call for Phoenix - Who's going? Eateries, game info, city info, etc.

    My hubby and I are going!! Have been to every National Championship game since 1992 .. don't want to break the streak :)...
    Cannot wait!
    Roll Tide!
  6. Re: More ashamed of the media than ever ... regarding Derrick Henry

    I agree with all of you ... just really frustrating because I like Derrick Henry so much and I don't want them to take away any of the excitement for him. He deserves it so much!
  7. More ashamed of the media than ever ... regarding Derrick Henry

    For the past few days, I have seen countless articles written or heard countless radio hosts talking about Henry's Heisman. Many questioning because some put their votes in before the last weekend...
  8. Re: Heisman finalists announced on 6pm Eastern (5pm Central) on Sportscenter ESPN2

    Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 8.24.57 AM.png

    These so called experts at ESPN .. this was their picks for Heisman just after the Auburn game. Now post Florida, McCaffrey is all of a sudden the...
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    Re: 2015 College Football Awards Thread

    I guess you are right ... but I just have a hard time saying that a player from Temple deserves the Defensive Player of the Year award. Reggie just got robbed!
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    Re: 2015 College Football Awards Thread

    I am so mad ... just catching up this morning as I had to record the awards last night. How can we have the number 1 defense in the country, the best front 7 in the country ... and you absolutely...
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    Re: Cotton Bowl Tickets

    I call Tide Pride yesterday, and they said they hope to send out notifications by Thursday of this week.
  12. Link: Re: An Open Letter to the CFP Committee from an Ohio State Fan in Need of A&D Ointmen

    I live in Ohio ... man have I heard the whining :). Been wearing my Bama gear every day since they lost to Mich St. I believe :)... lol

    They are the biggest bunch of whiners ever up here!!! ...
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    Henry for Heisman!!! Talking heads making me mad ....

    I am not sure how anyone can vote for any other player besides Henry!!! Seriously .. we play in a league that plays Defense and he has broken Herschel Walker's record!!! That speaks volumes!! ...
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    Re: Coach Smart to finish the job

    I am appreciative that he is staying .. it is the right thing to do. I do wish however, that if a staff member leaves to become a head coach that they were not allowed to try and take half a staff...
  15. Re: Good, bad, and ugly: Bama vs barn edition

    Good: The BEAST Henry!!, Griffith for sweet revenge, Reuben Foster for his huge tackles (revenge to them for being so horrible to him and his family after he changed his mind to sign with Bama)...
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