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    Re: Winston pushing referee before the snap

    Why didn't the ref throw the flag himself?

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  2. Re: Katy Perry will be the guest picker for Gameday ESPN Bama/OM Game

    She has crazy eyes. Just sayin.

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    Link: Re: "OW MY KNEE"...the fake auburn injury

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    Re: Here's one way to slow down up tempo offenses


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  5. Re: What Do Y'all Think About The New Sports Network Fox Sports 1

    I can't stand Erin Andrews.

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  6. Re: Johnny Manziel investigated by NCAA

    I hope he plays. Then we beat him and TAM into the ground. After which the NCAA rules him ineligible and they have to forfeit the two games they played him in prior to our beating the snot out of...
  7. News Article: Re: Fulmer Wants to be on the 4 Team Selection Commitee

    His pitiful attempt to regain some relevance in college football.
  8. News Article: Re: Three Alabama games land in ESPN's top 5 from 2012, will be re-aired later this m

    I had to replace our home dvr so I am in the same boat. If anyone sees any other 2012 games airing, please post. Thx.

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  9. Link: Re: Texas Is Moving To An Up-Tempo Offense This Spring

    All it takes is Coach saying he doesn't like defending the up tempo offense for every pretender out there to jump on it with two feet. Funny how they miss the fact that if coach already admitted...
  10. Re: More issues at USC. Kiffin fires OC a day after signing day

    Not to hijack the thread but I was always SO grateful that Auburn was satisfied in just winning six in a row without making any real strides to really dominate the conference. Even in those years of...
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    Sela Ward says Roll Tide Again

    On last Friday's CSI New York episode. That is the third time I've heard her say it since she joined the cast. I love it.
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    Re: Early Enrollees On Campus

    My words were, What, come on you couldn't make the bed?
  13. Majority of the fans at Title game will be for Notre Dame

    I am in South Beach now. Bama fans are out enmass. I reaLy haven't seen large groups of Domers. The resturant we ate at was definately pro BAMA.

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    Re: Who's going to Miami?

    We sold our last two tide pride champ tix away but we will be going this time. I am so excited. We are staying in Ft. Lauderdale.
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    Link: Re: Apparently Auburn hires gus

    Now that she's the crown and key to the caddy I expect her to go right off the edge. She hates Bama and coach and is jealous of Mrs. Saban. I expect nothing but venom every time she is given the...
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