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  1. Re: Former Penn St QB/Backup QB LSU Bolden transfers

    That's Don McNeal's nephew, I talked with him at the Penn St game a few years back.
  2. Re: Iowa student accused of being racist for wearing all white

    I thought it was "tune in tokyo". LOL
  3. Re: Louisiana GOP candidate who pushes for abstinence only ed learns it doesn't work

    They would be more succesful promoting masterbation....;)
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    Is it just me or do his parents look like they just got back from a Bama pep rally?

    Ditch the matching crimson clothing, people. Your son is getting ready to be public enemy #1.
  5. Re: Some Somali-Americans may have left to join ISIS

    Obama will welcome them with open arms when/if they return.
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    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but if any of y'all read bamamags boards this was DocSolomons son Roscoe who was also a poster.
  7. Re: BOL: Former Clemson QB Chad Kelly Visits Alabama on Sunday

    Toxic is the word you hear a lot of re: chad kelly here in sc.
  8. Re: BOL: Former Clemson QB Chad Kelly Visits Alabama on Sunday

    This kid is trouble, you devil's advocates (this board is full of them, lol) need to do a little research.
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    Re: Bergdahl released

    And those 5 prisoners weren't just anybody, the were the gitmo 5. Obammer just traded 5 taliban commanders for a pos that needs to be hanged in public if the stories are true.
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    Re: Bergdahl released

    And here's the REAL story you won't see on "mainstream" media.

    "Let it be known that this man is a traitor! he walked off an OP in the middle of the night and and went to the local village and...
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    Re: Thought provoking piece on reparations

    A reperations article from none other than "The Atlantic".

    How original.
  12. Re: At 4:00 am this morning my wife understood why we own (loaded) guns.

    Well I like my little s&w 642 airweight that I got for my wife to use in case of emergency. I think more than my stoeger 40. It was pretty accurate from 15yds in. A good glovebox gun too.
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    Re: Mini Van vs. Smart Car

    I've always loved saying.....crumple zone.
  14. Re: Talk of Game Against USC in Dallas as Alabama's Neutral Site Game in 2016

    I guess the days of a home and home are over. While I appreciate us playing tougher competition, the sport is being killed by these corporate-driven ooc games.
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    Link: Re: 11 Weird Food Combinations Alabamians Eat

    I was waiting on a tony joe white reference, and there it is.
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