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  1. Re: Tyren Jones Suspended for Conduct Not to the Standard of the Program

    Phooey. I thought Jones was really dynamic with the ball and I was anxious to see what he could do this year. Maybe there were reasons he wasn't getting in the game very often that didn't have to...
  2. Re: DE Byron Cowart Commits to Auburn, But Has Not Yet Signed LOI

    I'm certain they have blamed the Red Elephant Club....
  3. Link: Re: Number of underclassmen in NFL draft dropped this year.

    Needs to be a trend. My bet would be that the 30% never see a regular season NFL paycheck will at least hold steady. That's a lot of young men who could at least have played another season of...
  4. Re: Welcome to the Off Season: Ryan Anderson Arrested for Domestic Violence

    That sounds like cops taking everyone downtown to simmer down/cool off for a little while before someone says or does something that makes it a lot more serious. Perhaps Ryan and Sierra should date...
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    Re: Alabama Wins Iron Cup Again.

    Goal Tide. Alabama has a good program. API, not so much. The Frozen Tide hasn't lost at home this year and is currently ranked second in their "league". If they stay in the top 2, they...
  6. Re: Eddie and Ha Ha Have Already Made an Impact in Today's Game

    Loss is on Green Bay's coaching. Congrats to Seattle for not giving up.
  7. Re: Appears Jarran Reed is Going Pro

    Well, I wish him good luck. I don't know that he will be an early round pick, but I don't know that another year in college would have helped with that, either. I always say, I don't know the young...
  8. Re: Will the Oregon loss slow down the proliferation of HUNH offenses?

    This offense will still have followers, especially among teams that don't really have the talent to compete with many of the teams on their schedule otherwise. However, the changes this year so that...
  9. Re: Alabama players react live to Ohio State-Oregon in CFP championship

    Wasn't bad for a rebuilding year. But we would be doing just fine in this game.
  10. Re: Pro Rules vs. College Rules on Catching a Pass (Dez Bryant and Dallas Cowboys)

    I don't really understand the rule. But any rule that results in that being called an incomplete pass is stupid, inconsistent with how the game should be played, and needs to be changed immediately.
  11. Re: LSU has been in Contact with Alabama DC Kirby Smart, Bears DC Mel Tucker About Jo

    I agree that it sounds like something is rotten in Baton Rouge. Kirby is just coming into his own at 39, he'll have lots of opportunities to be the head coach. I think he'll wait for that.
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    Re: Fun Fact: Auburn and Gus Malzaln

    8-5 this year, with 4 losses in the conference. If they lose both wide receivers to the NFL, Gus is going to have some serious work to do to get them ready for next year. Pat Dye will be sharpening...
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    Re: ****Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. OSU****

    Good morning and Happy New Year from chilly Tennessee (but at least it isn't Norway). Roll Tid everyone.
  14. Re: Who Do You Think is The Most Overpaid Coach in CFB?

    Jones, Freeze, Summlin in the SEC, Richt may be getting there. I think the game is passing Stoops by. But Ferentz is far and away the leader in the clubhouse. And just for this week I guess we can...
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    Game Thread Re: Peach Bowl game thread

    But, but, but, Bo Wallace is going to win the Heisman, Hugh Freeze is the best up and coming coach in the conference, Katy Perry (is that how you spell it?), the greatest year in Mississippi history,...
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