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  1. Re: Three Tide Pride tickets for 2014 football season

    Taking offers if interested in all 3 tickets, or even 2 or single ticket. Ideally like to sell all three at the same time. Also have 1st dibs to buy the same tickets for 2015 and beyond.
  2. Re: Three Tide Pride tickets for 2014 football season

    I just realized that I didn't even include the price for the 3 tickets for all of the games except Auburn. I'm only asking $2000 or best offer for all 3 tickets.
  3. Three Tide Pride tickets for 2014 football season

    Disregard my other posting on this forum that has two Tide Pride tickets for sale. Got a handful of inquiries but no one pulled the trigger. Just got a call from Tide Pride earlier this morning as I...
  4. News Article: Re: USA Today on FSU's handling of Winston and his problems off field...

    So if the truth does indeed come out at some point, would Winston's Heisman trophy be revoked and given to AJ since he was runner-up perhaps?
  5. Two 2014 Tide Pride football tickets for sale

    Have two Tide Pride tickets that I will sell for all of the home games this upcoming 2014 minus the Auburn game as that's the only game I'll be able to attend this year as my wife just recently gave...
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    In need of gameday shakers

    I know this is a crazy request, but I can't find my shakers anywhere in my house as I need several for the newborn photo shoot when my twin boys come which is pretty soon. I won't be able to find...
  7. Re: ***Rashaan Evans Announcement Thread*** (approx 10:45)

    any link that shows his live annoucement online? I don't have access to ESPN3.....thanks!!
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    Re: LB Rashaan Evans Updates

    If we get him it's because his mom was thrilled that CNS & Smart loved her homemade cooking :)
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    Re: DT Matt Elam Updates (Announcing Thursday, January 30th)

    I can understand the pressure of staying in your home state, but c'mon this is Kentucky football, not Kentucky basketball. This kid needs to think about his future and not worrying about trying to...
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    Re: Jacob Coker free to transfer (ESPN)

    Per Cecil Hurt's tweet earlier tonight, Coker is on campus tonight for a visit.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Coker announces by end of the weekend that he's heading to T - town.
  11. Re: Potential QB Transfer Jacob Coker Updates

    Per Cecil Hurt's tweet a couple hours ago...Coker is on campus tonight for a visit.
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    Re: RB Leonard Fournette Updates (Page 14)

    Don't have any insider information on this, but I've been getting this strong feeling that this is a lot like Landon Collins situation. Fourette wants to go to Bama, but parents (most likely his...
  13. Re: Two Tide Pride Sugar Bowl tickets - nearly a BOGO free offer!!

    2 more hours...till 4pm so I can overnight the tickets by 5pm or I'm going to the game. Will do it for $180!!
  14. Two Tide Pride Sugar Bowl tickets - nearly a BOGO free offer!!

    2 Sugar Bowl tickets for $200 (nearly a Buy One Get One free ticket deal). Would like to ship them out overnight via UPS by 3pm CST today so you can receive the tickets tommorrow since UPS is closed...
  15. Re: Make a offer on Sugar Bowl tickets!!

    Will sell them for $200 all together....
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