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    Re: Auburn winning the west?

    He has shown that when his sole focus is defense, he can put together a good one. However, I think this year will be an adjustment year (learning new terminology, new schemes, etc). They will...
  2. Re: Young dancer and Aretha Franklin (will make you smile)

    Both of mine dance.

    4 year-old does ballet; 7 year old does jazz and hip hop. They both seem to enjoy it.

    We are trying to steer them away from the super competitive dance stuff. That gets...
  3. Re: Man arrested for having sex with wife's Shih Tzu

    Threads like this are why the "Like" button needs to return.
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    Re: It's Official: The Donald is in!

    We really need the "Like" button back.
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    Re: Dusty Rhodes - RIP

    Sad day. RIP Dream.
  6. Re: Players Impressed with Coach Saban's New Car

    From Urban Dictionary:
  7. Re: Which Tide player made the biggest impression on you as a physical specimen?

    I recall Saleem Rasheed being pretty imposing in the time I was at the capstone. Julio is another good one.

    The most shocking one was Richardson. I didn't have faces and names together yet when...
  8. Re: Link: Let The Battle Begin: David Cornwell (speaks very highly of his progress)

    This would not surprise me.
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    Re: How Bama Makes Them Quit.

    Really? Mid-October? Wow. But I agree that he should probably red-shirt this year. I'd hate to see him rushed back and reinjured.
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    Re: How Bama Makes Them Quit.

    When I think of making the other team quit, I think of it in terms of line play. If our OL can make opposing DL's and LBs quit, it opens up huge running lanes which leads to DBs having to tackle...
  11. Re: Alabama Football: Who Can Be the Leader Nick Saban Needs in 2015?

    LOL! Like!
  12. Re: LINK: All the problems the Big 12 has and THIS is what they address?

    I'm speechless.
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    Re: Sweet Home... Tennessee?

    Unintended and excellent consequence: This will likely inspire some enterprising Alabama fans to find a public area near by in which they can blare Sweet Home Alabama on a loop during UT practices.
  14. Link: Re: The Travels of Luke Del Rio: Now Reportedly Heading to Gainesville

    If I'm Coach Mac, I take a look at my roster and realize I'm not excited about any of the QB prospects I have now. Can't hurt to bring Del Rio in, especially if he's not going to take up a...
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    Eddie Lacy is an Avenger

    Eddie Lacy in some of the commercials for the new Avengers movie.

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