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  1. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #1 - DE, Da'Shawn Hand****

    I agree on Da'Shawn but we need 300 lb DE's against some schools (LSU, ARK, GA). A'Shawn is 320 lbs and is our best DE (will play some NT also).
  2. Re: Georgia has a "process" according to hype video

    I've noticed a lot of teams and people have a "process" ever since Coach Saban started using the term and kicking butt. Imitation is the best form of flattery.
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    Re: What is Kenny Bell Doing?

    Yep. I remember him catching the TD pass against A&M days after he thought he was going to move on. Very glad he did not. Good luck to you Kenny.
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    Re: Depth Chart Released

    Ivory is very underappreciated and we will all be very thankful we have him when we play LSWho, Ark and possibly GA. He may not make a lot of tackles but he is a space eater.
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    Re: 2015 DT Daron Payne

    Interesting. Thanks RTR. The positive, Mixon can fly and is electric. The negative, he is an undersized kid that Saban and staff usually don't take and we usually don't do the 2 for 1 thing.
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    Re: LB Darrell Williams Updates (Auburn Commit)

    I have a feeling we will see Mr. Williams in crimson.
  7. Re: Friday Practice Report Listing the Tide players who were in scout team jerseys

    Dee would be starting at most places. Very, incredibly deep position. Regarding Rashaan, he will play game 1 at some point IMO and he will be a situational "assasin" as he learns more. He is ready...
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    Re: 4* OLB Joshua McMillon Announces Today

    Welcome Joshua and RTR!!!! Great pick-up!
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    Link: Re: Bama Trending with Top 2015 Targets

    I'm with you SJC. I think he is a lock.
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    Re: Wednesday, August 20 Practice Updates

    He played last year in certain situations. He can be a valuable asset if like you say he gets his act together.
  11. Link: Re: Saturday Down South's 10 Best SEC RB's of the BCS Era

    I don't know how you can be surprised with TJ. By the end of this year he will most likely be our all-time rushing leader which is incredibly impressive with our history.
  12. Link: Re: RIP Ozell Powell (shot and killed last night in Greenville)

    Horrible news. RIP Ozell.
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    Re: Wednesday, August 20 Practice Updates

    Another bullet in the gun with Tim Williams return. Our pass rush just improved (along with A'Shawn).
  14. Question: Re: O-line opinion from people that have seen them live

    Yeah, I think most teams would have liked to have over 450 yds/game and 38 pts/game. It was destined to happen that the 2013 group would not look as good or perform as well as the 2012 OL with all...
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    Re: Tuesday, August 19 Practice Update

    I believe Blake will start the first game and most likely more but the QB competition will continue well into the season. Jake will have more time to learn and get acclimated to the system as time...
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