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  1. Re: 4* OLB Joshua McMillon Announces Today

    Welcome! RTR!
  2. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys (Scrimmage Discussion)

    Everything I have read on this thread leads me to believe that Blake Sims could possibly be our best quarterback. That really scares me.
  3. DL Jonathan Ledbetter Flips from Alabama, Commits to Georgia

    I guess it was expected
  4. Re: *** Raekwon Davis Commits to Alabama ***

    Welcome! RTR!
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    Re: OLB Adonis Thomas Updates

  6. Re: CB / S Rico McGraw Updates (Georgia Commit Flipping to Alabama?)

    Welcome! RTR!

    Someone needs to fix thread title.
  7. Re: CB / S Ronnie Harrison Updates

    Welcome RTR!
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    Re: I know nothing about Coker

    Well, I just don't know. Will we go 10-2? In 2008, we went 12-0 in the regular season with about 0ne-half the talent we presently have. Was the competition that bad in 2008 that we were able to go...
  9. Re: 2014 OL Brandon Kennedy Updates (Announcing Friday at 10 a.m.)

    Welcome! RTR!
  10. Re: *** 2016 ATH Demetris Robertson Commits to Bama ***

    Welcome! RTR!
  11. Re: *** 2016 CB/ATH Shyheim Carter Commits to Alabama ***

    Welcome! RTR!
  12. Re: First 2016 Commit

    Welcome! RTR!
  13. Re: What is your opinion of kicking camps for high school players?

    Please do. Thank you.
  14. What is your opinion of kicking camps for high school players?

    My grandson has an outstanding leg and I was thinking of sending him to a kicking and punting camp. There is a camp in Atlanta soon by called Ray Guy Camp. Are these camps really helpful...
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    Re: Position battle in Fall Camp ( My thoughts)

    The player's name is Kevin Korren, not Korren Kirven and why don't you think he won't get any playing time? Also Montel McBride may be most likely a JUCO.
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