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  1. Re: Say Something Nice About USC...? (We haven't done one of these in a while)

    Their school has no orange in their colors.
  2. Re: It's that time of the year - great football quotes...

    Coach Bryant from his TV show-"he looks like he was out to practice early" also "bingo that was a goodie"
    Coach Saban "they ran through us like **** through a tin horn".
    Jonathan Allen "Alabama...
  3. Re: FYI, our Week 1 previews are set for tonight. But I want to say to our members...

    I thank you for all the work that's put in to TideFans every. It is without a doubt the best Bama site out there.
    I also thank all the mods for running the ship on a daily basis and keeping us...
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    Re: Gene Wilder dies at 83

    RIP Gene Wilder, you will be missed.
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    News Article: Re: Anthony Weiner

    The good Lord gave man two heads and unfortunately not enough blood supply to operate them both at the same time.
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. USC

    Bama 31-13
  7. Re: ***** 2017 RB Najee Harris Commits to Alabama *****

    Averaging 22 yards per carry is pretty sweet.
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    Re: Spring Practice Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    You're not a jerk to say the CNS has got this. We may have a championship team this year or maybe we'll lose a couple, but I trust CNS and CLK to give us the best chance to win. Whoever wins the...
  9. Re: 2016 Week 1 Thread (Practice Reports, Press Conferences, Interviews, etc.)

    Yes, I saw that and wondered what in the world that meant.
  10. Re: Drug Dealer Defecates Dollars of Drugs During Detention

    I guess that plan backfired on him.
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    Re: College Football officially starts tonight!

    He was actually committed to us and when he de-committed most people thought UGA would get him. He wanted to go to Stanford but didn't have the grades. You're totally right TideMan09, nobody thought...
  12. Re: Coach Nick Saban awards scholarships to three veteran Alabama walk-ons

    Good job guys and congratulations, Roll Tide!
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    Re: Great Video for 2016

    That got my blood pumping. Let's get this thing going in 2016!! RTR!!
  14. Re: AJC's updated recruiting prediction for Alabama

    I think this is a pretty fair assessment of where we stand. Ohio State is putting together an insane class and I don't think anyone will unseat them. I think we are recruiting for needs and to me...
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    Re: Loss of a Tide Fan

    I'm so sorry to hear about this. My family will be in prayer for you and I hope you'll have peace.
    RIP Brian.
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